Monday, March 3, 2014


It is an inherent trait in most of us. I seem to have an abundance of this quality. Not a day passes without me saying something extremely foolish, acting unbelievably foolish and assuming foolish things. I've realized (over the years, since I discovered this virtue several years ago) that the best option is to accept it and move on (like nothing happened, or what happened doesn't matter). 

Blogging at this unearthly hour is certainly uncalled for, considering that I have a bus back to Shimoga in a few hours but I want to rediscover the joy of blogging on a laptop, so here I am. :)

Back to the central theme, what prompts these Random Acts of Foolishness (RAF) is beyond anybody's guess since they occur without warning, and leave me pondering about my existence on this planet. But since this happens on such a regular basis, I suppose I've become immune to it!

Couldn't make it to IISc's Open Day once again this year due to transport issues and unforeseen circumstances. Hope to attend it next year atleast! To all those who aren't aware, IISc throws open its plethora of research labs in practically all the fields from Astrophysics to Neuroscience and visitors are encouraged to find out more about the ongoing projects and they get the opportunity to interact with PhD students and professors as well.

So I'm done with second internals and once again, I get the overwhelming feeling that there is SO much to read, SO much to learn and Time always seems to be scarce.

I've made mistakes, I continue to make mistakes on an alarmingly regular basis and sometimes I don't realize my mistake until a while has passed. Sometimes it's easy to make amends. Sometimes it takes some effort. While in some cases, it seems practically impossible to set things right. 

Coming home reminds me of my commitments, of the odds to be overcome, of how lucky I am to have what I have, of the dark days that always threaten to return and haunt our present and of the reasons why I chose to study this course. 

Sleep beckons, I still have emails to send, so Seeyaa!! :)