Sunday, February 23, 2014


Happiness is:

Playing Badminton with people who can actually play. (Nothing can beat thd pure joy of playing against a real good opponent. Physical activities have become nearly non existent in my life and that should change. Seriously.)

When you get all tired and exhausted after a good game.

Singing after what seems like ages. Even if I sounded out of 'shruthi', it made me immensely glad.

Taking a walk around the tiny campus with roomies in pleasant weather.

Playing UNO (the childhood game!)

Watching TV with friends.

Chatting until the crack of dawn with roommates (we lead such disjointed lives despite being roommates considering that we spend a major portion of our waking hours in the college and library)

Having undisturbed sleep for 7 hours.

The feeling of having finished exams.

On a lighter note, strange and paradoxical as it might seem, my roommates and I spend a lot more time together only during exam times. The morning of the exam is pathetically funny in my opinion. We panic over the questions, claim to have forgotten every single word and practically go insane as 10AM approaches. Its also very useful considering the fact that we teach each other whatever we know and try (with some success) to predict the possible questions.

I love the fact that despite everything, I am able to somehow stay in touch with friends far far away. Like how I spoke to my cutest friend from California a fortnight ago. And how I spoke to the orator par excellence based in Madhya Pradesh a few nights ago. Then there's my favourite friend from Hassan, the friends from NITK and sheepie who never fails to amuse me.

And I'll be participating in a Physio quiz in KIMS in about a month with Abhi and a few others. Excited to say the least.

Went shopping today and got my Nutella dabbi after a seemingly long time. Sometimes all you need is Nutella Therapy. It makes life seem idyllic and pleasant.

Histology awaits.
Hope to see ya soon. <3