Saturday, October 25, 2014

Give It Any Name, fo chrissake!

Tired, Aching and Sleepy. Yet feel the urge to blog because who knows when I'm going to do so again.

One more vacation has passed and it's time to head back to where I belong. Diwali was a noiseless affair and the only things we lit were a few diyas, a handful of sparklers and flower pots. Balipaddimi at Vnagar is another tradition that's been followed for the longest time, but never have we had such a quiet Diwali. But it isn't about that is it? It's a time to get together (and click pigs. xD)

Songs playing in my mind:

  • Piya Re Piya Re (by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
  • Piya O Re Piya (Atif)
  • Lehrein (because it's apparently the worst caller tune possible. -_- And I have it. B) )
All Lit Up!
Family Selfie Scenes!
And that's how she spent the three days.
SLR Scenes
And today, I met my homies, my lovelies, my foolies; Bhopie and Shamie (aka Sheepie). Hogged on some breakfast (Food is our numero uno priority in life) and chatted about Life, 'the meaning of "meaning" ' and other extremely sensible topics [the creepiness of rabbits and the importance of finding a soulmate who will be okay with you talking about rabbits for no apparent reason, the pointlessness of snakes and roaches, the horror of having Gopalan ma'am snub you in your dreams (as well), my very exciting social life in Shimoga (which left the two of them gaping in wonderment), the social 'habits' of our friends' circle, the college buzz from PeeShit (Oops, I meant Pesit. :P ), the plans for future and the purpose of the lives we're leading in different cities (by a twist of fate)].  
Happy Scenes
 A dose of Maidha and Sanj can elicit happiness for a long time to come. May they never ever change and continue to spread joy and laughter with those pea-sized brains. I've never spoken so much nonsense (and yet felt so much at peace) in SO Long! :") I'm SO glad this short meetup happened (Maidhs luckily finished her pre-Internal cramming and Sanj surprised us by flying down from Bhopal for the Diwali break. :D)
Spazz Scenes
I shall retire for the night. There's a bus to catch in 8hours, a back that's broken, a brain that's starving for sleep.