Friday, October 3, 2014


This perfectly captures my current emotion. 
Bheemi's B'day!
College will begin soon. Mixed emotions alert. Overwhelmed by a sense of relief (that it's finally starting), excitement for what's in store and dread (for reasons best left unanswered.) Need to figure out a game plan for the coming term and get into the mode.

Transfer to Bangalore isn't an option anymore. *sigh* 

Behind the sarcasm, behind the sharp, cutting words, I probably agree. I just need to listen to my conscience and do the right thing. Sometimes the ones who hurt us the most probably mean the best for us.
As Hrithik Roshan aptly put it, "Don't be the nice guy, be the good guy.". 

In the past week, I've spent time at Vnagar (Gaadi scenes. B) ), met Athira and spent time with her, caught and donated a terrible cold and cough to all those around me, gone to Orion Mall in the gaadi (I'm surprised I even got permission!) and discovered that I suck at bowling. (I'm serious, I'm atrociously pathetic. Not that it's a major impediment anyway but still. -_- )

It's funny how badly I want(ed) college to start, but now that it finally will, I'm having a classic case of Cold Feet.

There are plenty of things I'll need to work on, getting my concepts clearer, for starters. Doing MCQs, keeping in touch and on par with other medico pals, acquiring more knowledge and retaining it, staying fit, staying on track, maintaining equilibrium between work and fun, keep more in contact with the Famili and.... the list is endless.

Why am I so thrilled about giving sweets to the librarians? It's because I had a mental cold war with them and I know from their looks that they thought I'm a nutcase who wouldn't clear the exams. -_-

Things I'm looking forward to: (Blogging is therapy for the panicking soul)
  • Clinical postings!
  • Surgeries!
  • Baddie with Vindhya!
  • Laibu (After one year of nearly living there, wouldn't you expect me to address it with a teensy bit of affection?)
  • Fun times with the friends! 
  • And.. I don't know what else.. just the college I guess. Do I like my college? I wish I could answer that. I honestly cannot be sure even after a year.
Toodles, dear reader. My lacrimal glands have been working idiopathically for some time now. It's about time I end this confused post.