Saturday, September 27, 2014

PhotoShoot. :P

Finally, The LBD (Little Black Dress) dream has come true. Or rather, it's an LDD (Little Decent Dress. :P ) Atthe, Nidhi and I headed to Mantri Mall today for the much awaited LBD. After several futile attempts at Shopper's Stop (Overpriced. Hmph.) finally found what I was looking for at Lifestyle. Headed to Tacobell for some scrumptious Mexican food and then we were back home. Surprisingly, Ajji liked my "frock". :P

Next was a styling session by Atthe. Camerawoman: Nidhi

Teaching me how to pose was no easy feat! -_-'

AND... The Other Dress.

Expert Photographer. B)

Atthe Maamaa. Bledi Relations. XD
The funniest thing is, I'm still not sure if there will ever be an appropriate occasion for me to wear them. Nevertheless, it's something I've wanted to do ever so badly! Mission Accomplished thanks to Z and Phoo. ;)