Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Beginnings. :)

Internal tension is in the air, with less than a week to go and a zillion things to be read, understood and reproduced, coffee is once again in demand and the library is packed to the brim!

In the last week of the last year, the population in the hostel gradually thinned and dwindled to a steady number. My unquenchable thirst for chocolate prompted me to win a Flappy Bird challenge after spending several fruitless hours over that annoyingly addictive little bird. Traveled home on New Year's Eve, had the most uneventful beginning to the new year (Err, I slept off! Oh come on, I was exhausted after the early morning journey, the shopping, hogging, mall hopping session (with my favourite uncle, aunt and cousin) after a sleepless night) and the rest of the days passed as usual. Unexpected turn (or rather, 'fall') of events resulted in restricted movement in the following days. Anyway Di had holidays too, so it was we could finally catch up on Bheem jigsaw puzzles, swimming session and Shloka classes.
New Year, New Spring of Life, New Hopes.
One thing I realized is kids have amazing auditory grasping power. As children, we learn through what we hear. No wonder I learnt the songs, shlokas and Shasthriya sangeeta easily back in those days when I really didn't refer the books much. Since Ma couldn't make it to the Bal Vihar class, I agreed to teach the little ones the craft that she had started and prepared myself to handle a gathering of hyperactive kiddos. But things turned out quite differently and the "Bhagini from Shimoga" didn't really have a lot to do because of shortage of supplies and paucity of time. 
Blossoms in the Terrace Garden :)
We'd been to Sapna and I (obviously) could not return empty handed, so I got myself:
  • Complications by Atul Gawande (A US based surgeon writing about his experiences as a surgeon)
  • A pretty little notebook (NOT A DIARY, MIND YOU! -_-)

I also had the honour of meeting up with Gimpi for a precious few minutes (under the pretext of shopping). We gawked at the long haired lanky vehicle servicing idiot who chose to ignore us because we were ugly morons, we (or mostly, I) scared a poor old man at the restaurant who made the mistake of sitting beside us by talking about my Oh-So-Amazing college life and the various species inhabiting our college. I couldn't hide my laughter because the old man's eyes very nearly popped out as I went on and on about the many facets of life in Subbaiah. Something I didn't realize until I was retrospecting much later was how the "Uncle" topic never surfaced! :P 7 months ago, that's all that we seemed to speak about. Lol.
Unprepared for Selfie, Therefore a Footfie. ;)

Speaking about lol-worthy moments. Looking back, I have never failed to make a fool of myself at every juncture in life. It began with Teletubbies, Little Ladybird (from those neighbourhood boys) Floppie, Pinkie, Psyduck (from Syko), Corn/Maize (from the other green house leader in 7th standard), Pigbrain (from my arch rival in 8th), Creature-Thing (from Shamie the Sheepie the Maidha) ... and here too, there are several names to my kitty; Puppy (by Icabo), Julie (by Figo, propagated by Nammu maám), Pig (by Froggie) and Jaz (by BP). It looks like being dignified, graceful and sober is still a distant dream for me! -_-

Looking back at a lot of things, I feel I could have done things differently, but I probably wouldn't, because today, they all make bring a smile on my face; I feel that maybe, just maybe, I'm evolving for the better (even if it's still on a microscopic scale)

No year begins without a few plans, without a few goals in mind. This year too, I've a few plans to follow, few promises to keep and few pitfalls to avoid. :)

Apart from that, Life is progressing swimmingly well. There comes a moment when you feel a happiness for the simple reason that there exist people who understand you really, really well! Be it Bhopiee (What with our plans to meet up in the NCT in the next 6 months by saving 5K, her complete analysis and understanding with my bare minimum explanation), Gimpi (My anchor to remind me of who I am when I conveniently begin to forget :') ), Icabo (Sense and Sensibility) or Abhi (Soul Sister. :) ), they make be feel that any obstacle can be overcome, dark days can be tided over and they radiate happiness like sunshine on a bright day!
Reach Higher Goals! :P

The day we lose the ability to dream big, the day we don't dare to achieve greater heights is the day we sell our souls to the Ordinary and Average. Maybe I'm being foolishly optimistic and starry eyed, but never ever give up on your dreams, never let difficulties bring you down and never stop aiming higher. Of course, Life isn't going to be perfect, but that shouldn't ever deter you. :)

Sometimes, just sometimes, all I want is Peace of Mind. Of course, still want the "bigger" things, but maybe one day the scale will tip over to the little things. Oh, I don't know. Maybe I should just go back to books.

This is why Robbins is beautiful: One may get so close to the tree that they may lose sight of the forest. :)  And this is when he's talking in Anaplasia about how the benign growth may go undetected even when you're looking at the neoplastic adipocytes under the microscope because they resemble the normal adipocytes so closely. It's only when you step back and look at the discrete mass of cells that you realize it's a lipoma.

Seeya! It's probably going to be a while before I get back to the blogosphere again. Toodles, dear reader.