Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Been A While #2

Hello there readers! It's been awfully long and I've missed the clarity of thought offered by the blogosphere but there's been so much going on lately that there's barely any time to spare.

First there were the internals which seemed to go on for a nightmarishly long time. Sleepless, caffeine induced nights, harried days and a sense of relief mingled with some disappointment after each paper coupled with a bout of cough and cold induced by chillin' on the chilly stairs during some unearthly hour. But there seems to be a marked contrast compared to last year when I was a LOT more nervous, a LOT more high on caffeine but perhaps performed better.

After the theory papers we had practicals and viva-voce where we were gruelled on the knowledge we had gained (over a very short span, no doubt) and after this we were free! Pharmacology and Microbiology went normally and so did Forensic Medicine despite my serious misgivings (my preparation was mostly based on the group study we did the night before the practicals but I guess that was good enough). It was only in Pathology that they took great pains and a lot of care to sarcastically point out how moronic we were and how our concepts were shaky and so on. Nevertheless, that too came to an end and after this, we were homeward bound!

The bus journey back home was one of the horrible-est so far thanks to the bouts of nausea that Nammu and I suffered from. I probably irritated a lot of people by texting them how exactly I was feeling but finally I found the antidote: some loud, pumping music proved to be effective. (But as it happens, such genre are scarce in my playlist) At long last I was home and it felt like the best thing Ever!

Di's first response was to peer curiously at the prominent gash on my face for a few seconds. In fact, for the next few hours, she spoke to the gash more than me because she was so surprised by my altered face. Nevertheless, MaPa were rather relieved after seeing it because they had imagined the worst when I told them there was an ugly scar on my face. (One of the reasons for me to decamp to B'lore were the incessant questions as to how such a thing happened to me! -.-') 

Ma was a lot better but with restricted mobility due to the cast in her foot. It's sad how even a small twist of events can lead to drastic changes. A small slip, an unexpected fall, a fracture, prolonged rest for a few weeks, plans thrown out of schedule. Alterations, accommodations and adjustments to cope with the changes. 

The next day passed in a sleepy haze and I was woken by several friends at midnight when they called to wish me. Yes, I had reached the big Two-Oh. 2 decades of existence on this planet had been successfully accomplished. Not mere existence, but definitely something worthy, and most definitely something more worthy lies ahead. But a little something kept nagging me at the back of my mind. The next morning I woke up to the chorus of "Happy Birthday To You" emerging from the kitchen, Di being the star singer. Only your younger sister is capable of being more excited than you are on your B'day! (Akka, eat more cake, it's your B'day; Akka, there is a party for you in the evening, it will be a big surprise for you, okay?) And then the collages, the cards and gifts that made me cry because it was all so unexpected given the circumstances. The collages from my childhood, the stole that Ma knitted, the ring which I wanted (after I lost my ring last year) and every little thing made me burst into happy tears that left my parents alarmed and Di baffled for a few minutes. Post this, we had the customary visit to the temple and I was just beginning to wonder if some friends had forgotten it was my B'day when the answer presented itself in the form of a knock on the door. I opened the door and Voila! It's Sanjanaa!! And then, everything seemed right again! My happiness knew no bounds and now it all made sense. It was all part of the plan and MaPaDi knew it all along. 

Then there was a short meet with Pingi at CCD followed by some last minute saree shopping and the evening culminated with Atthe, Mama and Nidhi coming home with a cake and everything. All in all, a great day, thanks to every little gesture, wish and greeting.

In the next few days there were plenty of gaadi scenes, (which was a good thing since it's important to be in touch with riding in B'lore traffic) including one to V'nagar. And at long last, it was time to get back to our "nest". After the train journey as the auto made its way to the hostel, for the first time, a new feeling crept in; the feeling of "being back home" which is a strange feeling indeed. 

The college has been abuzz with activity over the fest. Basically there are four teams (Mavericks, Xenobz, Ravens and Nighthawks) and we compete against each other to win the final trophy. Everybody is training for their respective events and the competitive spirit is in the air. The past few days have been unbelievably exhausting given that I'm playing Baddie against strong players such as Icabo.

It also a moment to express my anger against certain atrocities or rather despicable acts committed. Thievery cannot be tolerated. My money is the hard earned money of my parents and nobody has a right to take it away without my knowledge. Ugh.

Currently extremely happy because I have not disappointed Icabo in Patho. :P *PraiseTheLord*

B'ball practice tomorrow at the crack of dawn, so I guess it's time for me to bid adieu!

Current playlist:

  • Aahatein: Ek Main Aur Ek Tu
  • Junoon by Abhijeet Sawant
  • Mera Jeevan Khora Khagaz by Kishore Kumar
Toodles. :)