Monday, February 23, 2015


A long time ago, young girl was mesmerized by a blog.

A blog of a genius, whose ramblings still make me smile and gain inspiration every time I read it. I still remember the day, it was the day before our English Language exam but I didn't regret the time I spent for one moment. For the next 2 years or so, that blog remained an inspiration to work hard, to push myself further and to dare to dream big. The experiences, the effort behind every success, the strong urge to keep improving oneself and so many more features of the blog made it a sort of Bible for me. I faithfully read and re-read every line and like plant feeding on nutrients and sunlight for existence, the blog fed my soul at a time when life seemed to be going astray. True, I didn't get to do what I initially intended to do, but it doesn't mean that I've given up. My coffee addiction partly stems from the blog wherein the author indulged on copious amounts of caffeine in order to make the most of time which will never come back to us.

To this day, the dream remains, the fire is still burning and the desire to reach that dream destination is stronger than ever. It is this dream which pushes me every time I begin to falter or decrease my tempo, it is this dream that helps me shut out all the unwanted bullshit and narrow down my priorities.

And today I read something similar, but something I could relate with to a greater extent. A genius, no doubt (BMC and JIPMER) with a genuine love and passion for medicine which is reflected in the enthusiasm in the posts about the cases. The single minded devotion, the long journey of a medical student from the final years of UG through PG and to the present have been encapsulated to make an interesting read. As a fellow blogger, it indeed means a lot to see the journey of a doctor through the years..

Reading this blog also reminded me that It's about time I pull up my socks and get back on track to the things that matter. It's important to keep revising old knowledge in order to cement their existence in your brain and at the same time keep acquiring new knowledge everyday to widen your database.

Adios Amigo. :)