Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Sunny skies and breezy clouds may pass by
Moonlit starry nights may come and go
No longer do they mean the things they used to;
Numbness is all I can sense.

People move in and out of life;
Yet little does it matter anymore.
Because it's all an ephemeral mirage
And the lonely desert haunts no more.

Memories are all that remain in me,
Some embellished and fabricated, some hazy and unclear
And yet, I cling on to them not with hope;
But because they are all I have.

Perhaps imagination has given wings
To dreams that shall die unfulfilled
Perhaps they are all I shall ever have.

Or maybe they may arise and fly high and true
Like the phoenix from the midst of ashes.
But until that glorious moment arrives;
Under the scorching heat, remain resilient.