Friday, April 17, 2015


Like the sea that sparkles the sunlight,
Like the stars that twinkle in the moonlight,
You were so perfect and complete.
Until I got to know you, how I wish I didn't!

The sea has its storms and terrifying gales,
They're better seen from a distance.
How I wish I knew then what I know now,
That you were best kept at a distance.

I know everything about you,
Everything that was once a sweet little mystery.
You were a puzzle waiting to be uncoded,
Until I figured you out, how I wish I hadn't!

Like the road who's destiny was unknown
I travelled in your path looking and seeking,
I hoped for an endless journey with meaning,
But I reached the end far sooner than that.

Like the crossword that I've cracked,
Like the last week's newspaper,
Like the riddle that I've solved,
I know everything about you and how I wish I didn't!