Friday, May 29, 2015

Statutory Warning: Nonsense Lies Ahead.

Warning the scanty readers that this post shall make no sense whatsoever.

So today (rather, yesterday) was our End Posting Test in Ophthalmology and we had to present a case. Ours was a immature senile cortical cataract and we answered to some extent to get some sort of marks. It dawned upon me (rather late) that making mistakes is a very good thing. It leaves you with a memory that will last longer than the memory of having gotten it right. (The spank (or rap?) that ma├ím gave me for not doing palpating the globe appropriately will (hopefully) last for a long time.. )  

Weekend getaway to Chikmangalur with Atthe and Maama. A short but memorable trip where we visited Mullayangiri (in the midst of the clouds, the howling winds, the gusty air that makes you sway and the freshness in the air that cannot be found elsewhere!) and Habbe Falls (hidden in the middle of a plantation, this falls is ensconced in the midst of lush greenery and the cool shallow waters falling gently from the height makes it an ideal waterfall to enjoy the beauty as well as indulge in it.

Last week, we'd been to this coaching institute that has opened up in Shimoga. Basically it's to provide help for cracking PG entrance exams. It was a demo class and gave us a brief idea regarding the kind of competition we are going to face, the importance given to each subject, the books that we're expected to read and a sampling of the kind of questions that are often asked. 

I have the knack of doing amazing things in life. For example, walking into a bakery and asking the people at the counter (4-5) if it was open. The looks on their faces clearly indicated that they were wondering if there was anything wrong with me! 

Like I often reiterate, change is essential; we all need to adapt and acclimatize in order to survive and one cannot remain stagnant. We all evolve over time, owing to the surroundings, the company we keep, the work we do and the responsibilities we shoulder. But what if.. the metamorphosis has left you virtually unrecognizable? What if you no longer identify who you were initially after all the multitude of changes you have undergone in order to adapt to your surroundings? You might say that if it's working out for you with all the changes, then it shouldn't matter. But what about your originality? Has it been sacrificed for the price of belonging?

Sometimes the lines between who we actually are and who we portray ourselves to be become blurred and what ensues is a state of turmoil between our thoughts and actions. The mind cautions against frankness but the heart does not heed to these commands and behaves with the hope that one shall be accepted for who they are. But the truth is, very few people actually accept us the way we are; with all our flaws, intricacies and  idiosyncrasies. It is important not to seek this acceptance from everyone. It is important to remember those who have this wonderful quality because you will never hesitate to be yourself in their company!! :D

As hard as it seems to accept, the reality of Life is that people change. People walk in and out of our lives. When people walk into our lives and brighten our day, we don't question them for being a part of our lives. Yet, when people begin to walk out without rhyme or reason, it raises questions within us. We start looking back if we made mistakes and if there was something we could have done better. But sometimes, it's got nothing to do with us! People gradually fade out of our lives before we even realize that there is a void and it might be due to reasons absolutely unrelated to us. Maturity lies in accepting these twists of Fate and letting go.