Saturday, June 20, 2015

Monsoon Love.

Call me whatever you wish but the weather is so beautiful that it makes you want to sing out loud, tap your feet to the tune in your mind, sway along with the wind and soak in the drizzle that surprises you when you least expect it. Monsoon in Malnad will evoke a happiness in you that cannot be compared, you start appreciating the magic around you, the cool winds its distant echoes add to the aura of the place and the cool, damp earth makes you want to curl up with a warm mug of coffee and a novel..... Alas!! Internals are approaching and it would be wise to begin burning the midnight oil as soon as possible for there aren't many nights left for them to begin.

But then again, Rain has always brought about unequivocal opinions. To the spirited soul, rain is the symphony of the elements of nature, rain is the shower from the heavens above, rain is the aphrodisiac for the ones in love, rain is the harbinger of freshness for those looking to begin again and rain is the atonement for those who let it wash over their past. Yet, rain plays a spoilsport to those who prefer the bright and sunny disposition of the sky, it brings a pall of gloom with its dampness, it may seem like the heavens shedding their tears of sorrow, it evokes memories of a past that cannot be changed, it persists and leaves you damp and chilly without the comfort of the warmth of the Sun. To each person, rains signify something different. To the same person, rain can mean different things at different phases, It's all about perspective. :) Every monsoon, there's a song that I have for it.

  • Jeeyein Kyun (2011), 
  • Yaariyan (2012)
  • Tum Hi Ho (2013)
  • Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse (2014)
  • Yet to decide! So many on my mind, most likely, the award goes to Hamaari Adhuri Kahaani (2015)
Some evergreen songs on rain are:
  • Barso Re Megha (Guru)
  • Bhaage Re Mann (Chameli)
  • Baarish (Yaariyan)
Apart from my ode to rain, there's more to blog. 

Last Friday, I OD-ed on coffee and stayed up till 4:20AM (-_-) to complete the Peds Case Sheets and on the following afternoon I left for Bangalore enroute the drizzly Arsikere road. The next day passed in a flurry: Bball session with Di and Dad at 6AM, Baddie on the road later, Ele oota session followed by Pizza and some shopping. Short trips like these ensure that not a moment is wasted. The train journey back to Shimoga was an interesting one. There was a group of young corporates (fresh out of college) in our berth and they seemed lively and chatty. Typical Bangalore cosmopolitan crowd of two guys and 3 girls, I couldn't help but reflect on how different I/We had become. One guy was explaining all about Liposuction and the procedure, he seemed to have a fair idea of what happens to the glycogen and the glucose in the Liver, one guy and girl requested me to shift to the other side because they wanted some privacy from the rest (I knowingly smiled and said "I understand" but they thought I was some lost highschool kid and I didn't bother correcting them either. :P After a while, they got bored and took selfies alone, chatted some more and then fell asleep. In the morning, they all woke up bleary eyed and claimed that none of them had slept a wink.("I was watching a movie", "I couldn't sleep at all man, that uncle was snoring so much","I was on the phone till 3.30, see, my battery's almost gone!") Soon, we disembarked from the train and I got back to college at the crack of dawn. :)

So we had this Poster Making "Project?" in college organized by V Sir as a part of World Blood Donor Day (June 14) and the whole class (well, almost) was divided into groups of 4 or 5 and we set about making a poster on a particular aspect of Blood Donation such as Criteria for blood donation, Rh Incompatibility, Major and minor cross matching, Infectious diseases, Adverse Reactions and so on. The topic we chose was Misconceptions on Blood Donation. So we conducted a small survey (among 70 second year students) to assess the knowledge and practices regarding blood donation. All though most of the questions were basic and showed that the students were aware about blood donation and the procedures, the percentage who actually donated blood was a paltry 10%. Rakesh, Raji, Satisha and I were a team and we managed to do a fair job with our poster. It was a good experience and I'm actually glad the Patho Dept came up with something that got the class working in groups. :)

Here's the Poster that we prepared. I hope many more people donate blood after the survey. I'm also contemplating the possibility of taking the survey further. As V Sir advised, it would be interesting to conduct a modified version of the survey on a larger scale here as well as in an engineering college and look at the trends among the students. That would make this the pilot survey since it was done in a smaller scale and now we know some of the flaws in the present survey and how to improvise upon it.

Paediatrics Postings have passed (yet my passing in the end posting remains a valid doubt) and we have now commenced with Dermatology postings. Pathology is weighing heavily upon us and if I were to Stage (depth to which I have read) and Grade (to what extent I remember the basics- That's a way of saying differentiation, okay? :') ) my knowledge, the results would be quite disturbing. 

Yesterday we decided to watch ABCD2 all of a sudden. The fact that it released in Shimoga is in itself a surprising event so we (Nammu, Adi, Likki, Akkamma, Reddy and I) got ready in no time and started towards the city despite the mild shower. The auto could take us only upto a point because the roads were blocked and a makeshift bridge (that could accomodate the width of one person) had been made with drainage (+river water?!) flowing underneath in full flow. We made our way through the squelchy mess only to see the entire Subbaiah community in full attendance! (mostly our batch, truth be told) Funnily enough, I enjoyed the second half of the movie a lot more after I got some insight on the seating arrangement. *grins like a Cheshire Cat*

See, now nobody can make out that Nammu is tanned! :P
After the movie (which is an interesting watch for those who like dance-themed movies) we headed to Mathura Central for a quick bite and then it was back to hostel. All plans of of coffee party were damned and I slept happily ever after. -_-

This isn't how I usually end my blogposts but I've been bitten by a crazy bug of happiness.
Exceptions happen. :')