Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This Too Shall Pass.

So yeah, I’m back again. It’ll probably be a while before I blog again (unless of course, I have a severe attack of Blogospasm)

The famed Paediatric postings have finally begun and it seems to be interesting. I don’t want to say much and jinx myself but the department is well organized and they seem to know what exactly they’re doing. They’ve given us a clear outline of what to expect in the entire course of Paediatric postings, what are the topics to be covered in each postings, the proforma for History Taking, the growth charts for grading the growth of the child and so on. Let’s hope that everything goes well for the next two weeks :)

Too often we get bothered and bogged down by trivial bullshit. (My apologies for the usage of the word but the situation demands it) We let random things clutter our thought process and divert us from the things that matter. We let ourselves get involved in conversations that have no rhyme or reason; we let ourselves think about events that have no consequence in our lives until they actually start to impact us. The more we let ourselves get bogged down by these inhibitors, lesser our efficiency. This happens to me very often. I alternate between cycles of productivity and lackadaisical disinterest. And when realization dawns, regret sets in.

It’s all a fa├žade; behind the smile a hundred lies conceal.
Raw and fresh, the wounds had just begun to heal.
Just when you begin to believe that the storm has passed,
The distant clap of thunder mocks at your ignorance.

Some storms do not end, some battles cannot be won.
Some nightmares have no dawn, some wars cannot be conquered.
The bitter reality awaits and the illusion of perfection shall end.
Knowing that this is the beginning of the end, the pain lies in having to pretend.                                       

The waves come crashing in with all their intensity and rage,
Only to retreat meekly in shame and regret.
Year after year, day after day,
They never seem to learn and make the same mistakes.

Having to watch in despair and do nothing is a pain;
As the rock slowly crumbles to sand and fades,
As the sand melts under the tyranny of the waves,
And what was once a majestic boulder dissolves into nothingness.

Perhaphs one day, I can explain the meaning of this to you, dear readers..