Thursday, August 13, 2015

Brain Wars.

8-8-2015 Kodachadri Trek

Separate Blogpost on our first group trip coming up soon, but before that there are a zillion things reverberating in my brain. First of all, thoughts seem to run amok and wreak havoc when you least expect them to. When the line between expectation and reality becomes painfully evident it leaves you trying to avoid the truth that lies bare before your eyes. When you realize where you stand it can leave you either surprised or dejected because of your imagination. Speaking of imagination, there isn't a bigger culprit than the dreams crafted by your brain without any practicality or iota of reality. And then there is the final realization that no matter what, somethings can never change. It does no good to dwell on irrationality. Home and Bangalore seems like another universe altogether and I can only live on the hopes of getting back to where I belong. Then again, in this ephemeral world, I no longer know where I truly belong. Getting back to books after almost a month seems like an arduous task and I fervently hope that I shall be able to begin something productive in the coming days.

Toodles dear reader, your perseverance will be rewarded very soon! :)