Monday, October 12, 2015


Blogging before any test is never a prudent choice but since I’ve been known for such lapses in judgement in the past, this too shall join its predecessors. After what seems like eternity, I’m greeted by the echoes of my own words; the stage is set but there is no audience for my soliloquy. (Seems a bit dramatic right? But let me clarify, it’s by my own choice that there are no audience being subjected to my moody musings and I intend to alter that in about 2 months).

One year seems to have passed in a flurry of academic rigour, sports and exercise, cultural activities, cooking extravaganzas, movies, outings to the city and beyond, shifting dilemmas, tests, internals, fests, quizzes, posters, assignments and so on! The list is endless but what beats me is how much has changed since the day we began our second year of MBBS. The time has now come to consolidate all the knowledge acquired in the span of one and half years and prepare for the finals. The idea of writing 7 papers followed by practicals and viva in 4 subjects is indeed one that creates tightness in your throat as panic seizes you and worries cloud further thoughts on the matter.

There are several things that have been running in my mind lately that I’d like to offload. To begin with, the SDM Quiz was a good experience but we did not make it. I received an email (today, to be specific) informing us that we’d scored 43 while the qualifying teams scored in the likes of 48-54. The prelims mainly featured questions from Sparsh Gupta book of MCQs for Pathology while the finals was in the format similar to the one conducted in our college by V Sir, albeit a little less difficult. BP and I travelled by ourselves and it was our first such experience where we managed to figure our way out in new towns and cities, travel by local transport, watch the changing landscapes, observe the altered linguistics in different districts, eat and explore our way on our own and yes, manage the finances in the best possible way. Our mode of transport was the good old KSRTC bus as we forayed into the unknown terrains of North Karnataka. After wolfing down some breakfast in Shimoga and some last minute purchases, we boarded the bus to Harihar where we had lunch and then proceeded to board another bus to Hubli. Upon reaching this well planned and fairly well maintained city, we hogged on some pizza at Dominoes (after what seemed like AGES) and then hopped onto another bus to Dharwad. Midway, we alighted and stood for a few moments taking in the sheer size and architechture of the SDM Medical College campus. Well planned, well maintained and appreciably populated, SDM seemed like a true medical college, with patients and attendants walking around in apprehension, PGs and UG students bustling in and out of buildings and interns and residents scurrying around nimbly. It seemed unreal, to us, naïve students of Subbaiah as we glimpsed what we had always hoped to see in our college.

The highlights of the trip were meeting Sanjana and finally delivering the much awaited little-something. We may have been on the wrong side of time yet it seemed perfect and complete, cycling on the huge campus, taking a detour on our way back to Davangere to relish the traditional Jolada Roti (thanks to Sonika for her timely help!) and much much more. The conspicuous absence of a certain individual also residing in North Karnataka, in fact, barely an hour away spoke volumes. It merely shows concrete evidence of what Bhopie has been saying all along. Nevertheless, the much anticipated meetup will just remain as figments of our imagination because neither could care enough.

It’s about time I retire for the night and delve into the depths of my brain as I study about HIV, Orthomyxoviris, Hepatitis and so on..

Toodles! :)