Friday, October 2, 2015

Oneiroid State.

Warning: Dream-like state alert owing to insomnia and forensic medicine impenetrance has prompted incoherent babbling. Major throwback to Pingi and all the nonsense she's been hearing in school and deeksha. 

There are mistakes that bring a smile, 
A smile from the closed chapter of a lost book. 
Sometimes the chapters that we choose to overlook, 
Remain as fresh as ever even though it's been a while.

Folded pages and underlined phrases tell a tale, 
But the story between the lines does not unveil. 
Some day we woke up and erased it all away, 
Not knowing that it was etched within us for eternity.

But what book would be complete, 
Without the imperfections of the protagonist? 
It's only through those memorable mistakes replete, 
That I now believe in the perfect tryst.