Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fables of February.

No event is complete without being chronicled in the vestiges of my blog so here goes!

It all began with the sports day where we were once again divided into 4 groups with ludicrous names just like last year (Ancilers: fondly known as Ant hills, alzhiemers and silencers, Spartans, Phoenix and Nighthawks Reloaded) and two events were scheduled per day. There were two days in the stadium and day 1 was fairly interesting because I wasn’t with the people I usually hang out with but I think I managed fairly well. First half was with Jeslin and Shaheen :) Second half was with Govi and Avm and the best part was zooming around solo on a gaadi, playing baddie and yes, hogging! I won a badminton match, lost a chess match so it was all square at the end of the day. Day 2 was Baddie Day and I was expecting the inevitable but Lady Luck smiled upon me in my third attempt. The best part was not the end but every time anyone said anything supportive! Just like the team supporting me even though the truth was inevitable last year, I never expected people would do so, but it really boosts your morale by a million points (Even if it’s just short-lived). The whole team spirit thing is actually great to some extent but when clashes occur, it can get ugly as was witnessed on several occasions.

And after all this was the customary Ethnic Day where all we did was smile and pose for pictures which would eventually lose their value. We did have a few games in the afternoon and post this we rushed to the PG classes after which I still had some work to do regarding the Antakshari.

So the culturals was on 13th and 14th. On 13th we had the Quiz (we came 2nd! :D 3rd time in a row -_- Will I ever be 1st?!, Pot Pourri and a few other events. Although I had boldly signed up for a lot of random events, preparing the much awaited Antakashari with a scheming frog was taking up a lot my time! The fact that the frog in question raids phones, laptops and watches censored Dubsmash videos led to a lot of confusion and probably gave free entertainment to anyone watching the E-Library CCTV footage. So the 3 (Maniesh, me and Rajesh-the fat frog) worked on it until we had all the rounds set and we would at least not get cornered by the contestants themselves! (Given that we were dreading a certain contestant’s prowess in Bollywood).

 Day 2 was hectic because I decided I would indeed go on stage and willingly make a fool of myself by participating in non-filmy singing (incidentally I came 3rd among the few participants present), my laptop was discovered to lack the port for the cable for projecting on a screen (VGA Something) and I was foolish enough to audition for anchoring, get selected and then get embroiled in a confusion I still don’t understand. After some last moment panic attacks, the presentation and videos played on screen and the antakshari went fairly well (obviously thanks to my superior anchoring skills). We had a round where the audience had to guess the movie starring a rare Jodi and sing a song from the same, another where we played the audio of a song and the video of another song with similar traits (Such as Dhola Re and Pinga) and the team had to answer a question on either the audio or video, another on the music directors and director combinations in Bollywood and so on.

After a day’s break where the air was finally cleared on all the anchoring business, there was more work to do! I borrowed Vindhya’s gaadi (probably one of the 3 mistakes of 4th year) and Shivam (Junior) and I set off on a long ride; first to McGann (to invite the IMA President Dr. Shivayogi, then to Vinobhanagar: Kundur’s place for my saree (which we reached after a lot of chasing the wrong people on the wrong road scenes- It’s pretty far btw which made me realize, greater the distance from Subbaiah, lesser the bullshit you deal with maybe), then to Subbaiah hospital in Jail Road, Maxx multispeciality Hospital and finally to Manasa Psychiatric Hospital (to invite Dr. Rajni Pai). After some more gaadi related confusion, we finally had everything in place and set to work but it was no easy job. I realized I was anchoring not just with any ordinary frog but with a hyperactive, devious minded, multitalented yet ultra-lazy bullfrog. D-Day arrived and we were still not done with the speech by noon. We were finally done with it by 2PM and I rushed to the mess if there was anything edible left. I was offered Channa if I could walk through a huge tub of chicken and take it. Hungry and famished, at the site of a huge tub of raw chicken, something snapped inside me and I started yelling like an idiot until I was pacified with edible non-animal food and I quietly had what was given. Ugh! The horrors of hostel -_- After this, I was in frenzy because nothing was turning out as planned and I backtracked on my prior plans on second thoughts and that left me in a confounded state. Evening arrived; chief guests arrived well in advance while the VIP Subbaiah student crowd took its own time. It finally began, and it went fairly well (except for the frog croaking “20k16” in the end! xD) After this the cultural programs began and they improved by a degree compared to the previous year. Post programs and dinner was the customary Dj night that went on till the wee hours of the morning. 17th was a well-deserved holiday because most people couldn’t scramble out of their beds until the afternoon.

And yes, it’s all finally over! We’re probably done with all the excitement and drama for the year. As creepy as it sounds, I enjoyed most of it, even though it was tiring, led to conflicts, was a lot of responsibility and there weren’t only victories.. Win or lose, I enjoyed every moment in the journey.. 

I did learn a few things. It’s amazing how people are multitalented, be it sports, dance or music. It takes leadership skills to get a team to do well and it requires a LOT of patience to coordinate events like these. I also realized how multifaceted people are.. 
Everyone’s universe seems so much bigger in contrast to yours that you might just be a speck of dust..