Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Drifter

There has been a lot going on lately but I believe I'm merely floating through it all and it's only coffee that can get me back to my senses.

In a placid lake that led to the stream
Floating along like a midsummer’s dream
Guided by the forces of another,
With not the least care or bother,
The solitary log drifted by
With no ‘what’ or ‘why’.

If only it had a destination in sight,
Would it have known the happiness of reaching it right.
But alas, the comfort of sailing along the current,
Meant there was nothing to do to a large extent!
With time, the trees blossomed and the sky sang in harmony

But what would you know about joy if you’ve never known agony?
The rivers cascaded in gay abandon and the Sun and was over the hill,
But what would you know if you never knew winter’s chill?

Constance had extinguished the little pleasures,
Life is nothing if you’ve got nothing that you treasure.
If you choose to sail against the fearsome tide,
You’d have the experience of your life even if you died.