Sunday, March 20, 2016

Forbidden Fruit.

Why do we seek what shall remain elusive?
Why, Oh why do we look for what shall remain evasive?
Deep down the answer is crystal clear,
Yet we ignore it and yield to the fear.

There is beauty in what is forbidden,
There is curiosity towards what is hidden,
We seek, we search in an endless pursuit,
In vain, do we covet the forbidden fruit.

One day, it will dawn that the oasis was only ever a mirage,
That the island in the ocean was only a trick of the mind,
But till that day arrives, dream I shall
Of castles in the air that are doomed to fall.

Maybe it's a wound that I no longer feel,
Or maybe it's a scar that refuses to heal.
But I've begun to find happiness in a lie,
Than feel the pain of the truth I'd rather deny.