Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I know this can wait but knowing how I am prone to procrastination, I might as well say what I have to say. I’m back after a short but eventful stay in namma Bengaluru and how I wish I could go back in time! How I wish I could rewind the clock back to a time when I could have done what it took to stay in Bengaluru (if not anywhere better!)

It’s ironic that coming back home fills me with inexplicable happiness as well as some sadness mingled with regret. Seeing my city evolve with each visit, experiencing the familiar sights and sounds of the neighbourhood and just watching the fast pace of this bustling metro that was once my home infuses fresh energy and hope into me.

Bengaluru is not just about the swanky malls, beer guzzling pubs or upscale restaurants that every other non-Bangalorean assumes it to be. It’s a lot more than that. It’s about generations of families that began life with humble beginnings, worked their way up to a better position and gave their descendants ‘The Good Life’ which most seem to take for granted. The quaint neighbourhoods have a charm of their own, the tree-lined parks are the only lung spaces left of a city choked by the vehicle population and traffic; suffice to say that there’s nothing like braving the Bengaluru traffic in the peak hour!

I may not live here anymore but I will definitely get back to this wonderful place (if not, better). Like I once confessed to Pingi, maybe I wasn’t worthy of being a part of this place, but doesn’t mean I don’t belong here! To put it in a better way, “You can take me out of Bangalore, but you can’t take the Bangalorean out of me!”

Vijaya Vittala Temple near Nelamangala.

Of course, life will continue to be volatile but maybe that’s part of the deal. I’ll just have to accept that. Being it home is like a reality check about who I am, where I come from and what I want to be.

I recently picked up “√Čat. Pray. Love” on Avenue Road and I like certain parts of it. EG has painted a beautiful picture about the Italian language that one even wants to know if it is indeed as beautiful as it is depicted to be.

Several phrases got my attention but the one that made the final cut is √Ąttraversiamo meaning “Let’s cross over”. It’s a nice ring to it. :)