Friday, August 19, 2016

Moonlight Memoirs.

It was in the quiet melody of the night,
Guided by the tranquil beauty in white,
It was underneath the star spangled sky
That the wandering souls came alive.

She peeked through the veil of grey,
Offering only a sliver of lustrous white
In those fleeting moments she shone
With a radiance that brightened the darkest souls.

It was in the tempest of dark nights,
That the restless wanderer found a lamp,
That the wayward traveller found a path,
When she glowed with an ethereal beauty.

The dark night gave refuge to the haunted
They drifted away in her presence
But to the scheming minds prowling in the dark
But to those who crept stealthily under her light,
She led them to the stairways of death.