Friday, September 2, 2016

Loose Ends.

I haven't had this contentment in a long time. The outcome is irrelevant. I feel so glad to have done something with interest today after what seems like forever. I honestly wish the same motivation persists.
ENT End Posting Test tomorrow!! Let's hope I can blabber something logical tomorrow.
Recently watched a fine work of cinema, The Prestige. A star studded cast, the riveting storyline will keep you engrossed but what will throw you off balance is the macabre climax. :)
This is why I love the rain: 

It is unlikely that I will blog with the existing gusto in the coming days since the Lappy will be on a vacation for a while. So here's a parting piece (of nonsensical mumbo jumbo) that I will leave you with. :)


The timeless dilemma persists,
Generations have faced the same,
And yet the eternal enigma exists.
Perhaps it is Fate's twisted game.

The answer haunts tantalisingly close,
Yet there is solace in the arms of obscurity.
When imagination gives wings, reality shall dispose.
Perhaps this ambivalence is my only security.

This aching resemblance to the past,
Reminds me that my 'perfect' may never last.
But if I could only ask a 'why?'
Are you the ugly truth or a beautiful lie?

Ciao :)