Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thinking Caps On!

When you really have truckloads of work to do but your brain is screaming with thoughts waiting to be unleashed on unsuspecting readers!

A fortnight ago, after much ado over the lackluster network in the outskirts of Shimoga, Pinki and I got talking; not just the usual rants about life, learning and love. Not even about all the QTs around her in Sonepat and the lack of em’ around me but something that we both probably knew was coming.

What began as a harmless debate over the freedom given in her hostel (for visitors; male and female) quickly spiraled into a heated argument over the concept of ‘free will’. The premise is that I have no right to question anybody for any of their actions; right or wrong.

To be honest; it wasn’t easy for me and it probably will take me some time to wrap my head around the concept. It might surprise many that it took my so long to come to this conclusion; but hey, better late than never! However, I did realize one thing; one very important thing: I cannot impose my “principles” or “moralistic views” upon anyone. I can have them, follow them or forget about them; but it isn’t right to expect the same from anyone, no matter how much or how little they mean to you. Every individual has their own take on what they intend to do with their life; to me, my take might seem appropriate but it is wrong as hell to expect others to fall in line with my take. I can't be the "moral police" to anyone. Here again, I had some conflicting thoughts given my career stream or maybe my nature (I still can't decide) . I can't "not care". I still probably will. Just not aloud..

The way one chooses to lead their life is an informed choice every individual has; one can’t question that or make their choices for them. It’s almost like the whole Engg/Med Vs any other profession debacle that many young adults have to face at some point. However, things get murkier when it comes to lifestyle choices. We have a lot of preconceived notions about a lot of things; sometimes owing to our ignorance and sometimes because of inherent bias that we have come to accept.

Here’s what I have to say: QUESTION

Question yourself. Question yourself for your beliefs. Why do you believe so staunchly about it? Do you blindly follow it like some of the rituals that you practice without understanding the meaning? Do you believe in it yourself or is it the herd mentality that you are aping? Or is it parental pressure that is forcing you to accept it?

Question yourself until you reach the end of the road and you have an answer; until you are able to justify to yourself; yes, this is why I am doing this. If you don’t have that answer, maybe it’s time for some reconsideration?

It may be with respect to the company you seek, your religious/spiritual beliefs, your take on alcohol, tobacco, drugs or sex. At the end of the day, if you’re satisfied with the answers that you give yourself for what you choose to do or not to do; then nothing else matters.

Personally, this helped me. I do think I could reach an acceptable answer for a few things, and for a few others, I realized that I hadn’t clinched it yet.  That makes for an another story! 

These are my two cents; I’d like to know your take on this for once :)