Friday, November 4, 2016

Experimental Evidence.

So this post is going be vague but I’d still like to go on anyway.

Mysore for the weekend and we (BP and I) stayed at Abhi’s place after sudden plans. We had a great time around Mysore. Highlights include ADHM, walking along a birdy Lake, climbing Chamundi Hills and the spine-chilling Well of Death!

The Well Of Death is basically a death defying stunt where bikes and cars move perpendicular to the ground in a circular well aided by centripetal force.

I’m also super obsessed with the movie ADHM that’s managed to generate a lot of interest. I’ve watched the movie twice and I think I might go in for a third viewing. I’ve also been interested in understanding how people perceived this movie which explains why I’ve been reading a zillion reviews including one from the Pakistani News baron Dawn about how Fawad Khan was unfairly given lesser screen time compared to Ranbir to another that calls Karan Johar a fraud for romanticizing self-harm and abuse. Yes, I’ve been reading a lot of opinions and none of them seem wrong, there’s some truth in all of them, just as there is some truth in the movie, as far-fetched as it ends up.

I’m also super thrilled about this weekend even though it’s going to be yet another ‘flying visit’ but wedding bells in the family finally! :)

I've begun reading Manga and I realized how it seems like another universe altogether! Somehow, I never got around to reading Manga or watching Anime (even though Nirupama was a big fan and I had heard about it..) so I decided to undo that mistake and get a brief intro into this new realm and it look to be an interesting medium of storytelling. :) 

I’d also take this opportunity to make a mention to the sanest statement made by the fairly insane AyKay when I was glorifying my (un)saintly deeds. A simple “Do you need a medal?” made look at the lighter side. Speaking of (ir)rational experiments, I am proving to be of better scientific temperament *cough* than I anticipated. :’) 

Surgery Tomorrow, FYI *shrieks*