Friday, December 23, 2016

Sane Or Psych Ward?

Finally done with the theory exams of 3rd year! What with the flies, mosquitoes, discharging ears and squint-inducing ophthalm topics, the past few weeks have been crazily hectic coupled with a befuddled brain. I hope to God it goes well because I don’t remember ever attending a big exam without the bare minimum of shut eye!

Now that we’re done with one part of the examinations, the much more fearsome and irksome practical awaits us and before we know it, we’re going to be in the formidable Final Year. It’s scary, now I come to think of it, but there’s also excitement buried and waiting to be excavated. My goals are fairly simple this year (oh wait, I’ll make another post about that some other time) and I’ve got to keep it going!

 Rumi — 'Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.'

Now that’s easier said than done. Is it convenient to turn a blind eye to black and white and view everything in shades of grey? Or do we perhaps complicate life by assuming that the hardest route bears the sweetest fruit? (If I’m quoting from a Hindi movie, clearly I’m in need of some inspiration   -__-)

To be honest, I thought I had a lot to blog about, but I don’t quite know how to phrase the myriad thoughts within me. We meet innumerable people in this journey, some remain for a lifetime, the others bid adieu at different junctures. Ephemeral or eternal, everyone you meet is a chapter to add something new in your book.

Something to be learnt, sometimes a lesson, sometimes a mere frivolity; but something nonetheless. When you look back, no chapter matters more than the other but all that matters is how good is the book of your life.

When I thought about it, I realized this was actually true in my case. Back in school when I was hooked on to Samaneh’s and later to Aditi’s blog, I didn’t realize the impact that they’d have on me. To me, they symbolized a whole new world. Their thoughts, likes, dislikes and views on everything from music (Regina Spektor) to caffeine addiction became points of interest to me. I’m not saying I imbibed from them, but I just got to know about so many many more things. Perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so many hours every night reading up all the MIT student blogs, perhaps I wouldn’t ping people randomly asking my lame doubts, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent all that time building castles, but perhaps I would never ever know that such wonderful minds exist, such ground-breaking research takes place in another continent, and there’s so much more to life than the little bubble that we confine ourselves to.

I’ve got a zillion new movies (and a million of them are ‘Must Watch’) so it’s time to unleash the movie connoisseur within. Also I got a few new books from Sapna recently:

  • Short stories by Louisa May Alcott
  • Short stories by Tagore (2 different series)
  • PG Wodehouse 
  • MCQ book for supremeselfcreepification

On a positive note, I’m glad to bring to the notice of the readers:

  • After a lot of work and reworking efforts thanks to Shamir, the people at Kommune liked my work and they’d want to pursue this at a larger scale.
  • The Quora Blog, Poignant Painter is dedicated to all junior artists and they’re now working on their most ambitious project yet: A blog to book venture which might feature a poem or two. :)
Landed in Bangalore after a touch and go experience. Did a preliminary round of shopping and then settled. Met Sanjana after nearly 6 months and we had a wonderful time discussing and catching up on all the loopholes. Though it was probably our shortest meetup, there's nothing like quality time spent with Sanj. :)

Coming to the songs I’m currently hooked on to:
  • Blank Space and Mental Manadhil (ě Vox)
  • Lehrein (again! -_-) 
  • Can’t help falling in love (Listen to the Hailey Reinhart version)
  • Aahatein (EMET version)
  • Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra
  • Kho Gaaye Hum Kahaan (I even tried singing it but it sounded like a nursery rhyme in my dull monotone.)
  • The most popular song of Chris Isaak (I said listen only -_-)
Until then,
Toodles, dear imaginary readers. (: