Monday, January 2, 2017

Hello From The Other Side.

Hello there :)
Happy New Year! Another year, another chance to learn, grow and live better than we used to. Perhaps nothing really changes, but if it makes us sleep better at night, then why not? We created the Gregorian calendar, we’ve divided our days into weeks and months and on one decided day, we decide that it’s time to herald the New Year. Of course, no harm done so it’s okay to believe in it, after all the human psyche is impressionable.

But here’s something that has never rankled me. Perhaps you can thank my upbringing but I never seriously (I might have considered it, albeit in very mild tones) been in doubt about the existence of a higher power. It’s always something I’ve taken for granted, something that doesn’t deserve proof or something I’ve been able to believe in without testing its veracity. I’ve never had to defend my beliefs or look at it in the eyes of pure logic and rationality. Perhaps it isn’t the most scientific belief, but it has never been a topic of scrutiny for me. Some say it is a mere placebo, some say it is the ultimate truth. Perhaps it is none of them, I have never felt the need to question something so intrinsically ingrained in me.

Maybe I am delusional but It is a delusion I will be happily accused of it, because it is one of the things that keep me grounded yet gives me the courage to dream further. An endlessly debatable topic, I will have to lay the matter to rest here with this:

To each, his own, To believe or not believe is a personal matter. In my opinion, at no point must our beliefs (or the lack of it) come to affect others in a negative manner or create inequality, discord and unrest among ourselves or even ensnare us into practices that are neither purposeful nor practical.

On a drastically lighter note, I happened to watch the movie Kirik Party recently. Although it is much more relatable to the engineering students, it has its fair share of good moments about friendship and a thing or two about life.

Had been home for a few days and Bheemi is becoming a better friend every time I see her. I wish I can always be there for her to talk to, share her thoughts and give her strength and courage if she were ever in deficit. I’m thrilled to bits about the upcoming family trip!

Here’s a clue: Think out of the box. Or should I say, think out of the triangle? :D

I overthink. I obsessively overthink. I do what I think to be right at that moment and I compulsively overthink knowing that it has no bearing and knowing that I’d probably do things the same way given another chance.

All we need is to know (from ourselves or anybody who’d bother) that it’s okay. With all our eccentricities, idiosyncrasies and unique traits (Yeah, they all mean the same thing, but I’m trying to make a point here.-_- ), that I don’t have to join the rat race, the bandwagon and the stereotypes that people seem to swim in. That we’re going to be okay just the way we are. If that comes in the form of a friend or family, it shouldn’t matter; At least not to me.

 Practical exams are coming up and I think it’s about time I freak out, head to the library, pick up a book and figure out what I’m going to do in the next few days so that I don’t get on the wrong side of the examiners.

This year has a lot at stake. Knowing how I tend to press the panic button at the slightest hint of crisis, I just hope to give it my best keeping my sanity intact. Plus, I really want to see a healthier version of me. :)

Adios Amigos. :D