Monday, March 13, 2017

La La Land

Hello from the other side! :)

So I’m currently in Medicine Postings and we’re getting to see some good cases. A few days ago, I got a chance to remove the pleural effusion from a female patient and it was quite interesting. It’s not often that the Prof offers a chance to do it and you end up draining about 450mL of fluid from the patient’s lungs. So it was basically a 3 way apparatus where one can drain the fluid and then direct it into a container with the turn of a knob. So it was going well until I suddenly began to feel a lot of resistance while draining the fluid. In cases of progressive Pulmonary TB, there’s a lot of fibrosis in the lung parenchyma making the drainage slightly tricky. Usually giving corticosteroids would prevent fibrosis but this is a double edged sword because it could flare up the inflammatory reactions.

So at one point, the pressure I exerted to push the fluid into the container caused the pipe to snap out and spill some of the liquid. Now, this isn’t what you’d expect in your first attempt so I was naturally worried but when the same incident repeated under able hands, the culprit was identified to be the faulty device and replaced by another and the procedure was completed.

In Medicine, there are going to be 100s of procedures and this is just one among them but there is trepidation, excitement and happiness at having done something new.

Saturday, however, was another story altogether. One thing led to another and I began taking a case with the help of my batchmates.For some godforsaken reason, I didn’t think I would end up presenting it. I don’t feel like elaborating on it, but let’s just say that I felt absolutely inadequate about myself. I need to pull up those socks soon to improve. In my usual twisted logic, I’m glad I did this, because I now know how much more I need to know. Atleast I’m one of the “If you never try, You’d never know” kind of people. (Not always, but atleast in this context! :P )

I have so much to read, I’ve got an OBG seminar coming up and results coming sooner than I’d like. Why can’t the pile of exam papers EVER get burnt so that they’d pass everyone?! Atleast once in this lifetime? I hope nothing changes.

12th March 2017. Cheers to a new experience. :)