Saturday, February 25, 2017

Long nights and days that fly.

Hey there. So here's the update that's  (hopefully) been awaited. At least I'm eager to share everything that's been going on so far.

So I'd been to Bangalore on two consecutive weekends and they were spent fairly eventfully.

The first week was spent at home and doing some shopping for the upcoming events. Basically what I do is board the night train from Shimoga and reach Bangalore City Railway station by the crack of dawn and leave the next night by the 11pm train to reach Shimoga around 4.45am. This is probably the most efficient thing to do considering how I utilize the daylight time effectively instead of traveling. After dinner and the last minute (race against time kinda) rush to the railway station, I boarded the train and I must say my night journeys are so frequent that I no longer find it hard to catch a few hours of sleep. So we've got this new cycling equipment at home which I tried out. Pity I don't get that kind of exercise back here in Shimoga.

Next weekend was Gautham's engagement so that kept me busy and it was a short but eventful visit back home.
After finally finishing with Obstetrics and Gynaecology we've finally moved on to General Medicine where a variety of cases await us each day, waiting to be examined and understood. I still haven't gotten the hang of these postings but hopefully I shall find my bearings soon.

Now that Dominoes and CCD have opened up in Shimoga we have a lot more 'legit' reasons to travel to the city.

Recently watched two interesting documentaries.
One of them is 'Food Inc.' Which gives us a brief idea of what goes on behind closed doors in animal farms. The second one was on the rampant increase in deaths due to prescription drug overusage/overdose.

MaDi were in town over this weekend and we got to spend some time together playing Uno, sketching and a hundred other games she spontaneously comes up with.

The words that once flowed in ebbs and tides,
Are now but a summertime trickle,
Metaphors and similes once came with ease,
Are now in halting, hesitant flashes.
Perhaps this exile is a twist of fate,
Come spring and perhaps the lyrical hum shall resurface.
With monsoon perhaps my words shall find their muse;
Until then, these verses remain in a hireath.