Saturday, February 4, 2017

Plain Insomnia

Am I the most self destructive member of my species to roam this planet?

I am confident that I stand a strong chance of winning this dubious distinction.

Sometimes I wish I could stop it. The pounding needless thoughts within my mind that defy logic and fail to go through the much sought after Problem Tree Analysis.

Socrates: What Plato is about to say is false. 
Plato: Socrates has just spoken truly. 

Oh Bhi Jee is getting to mee. Records, cases, ultrasounds, OTs, NSTs and all the follow ups in the ward before inking the case in the record. 


I don't think I can quite write like before but I hope it is only a blantant assumption. 

Somewhere between repression and revolt, 
Somewhere between doubt and clarity, 
Somewhere between dread and desire, 
Somewhere between the sacred and the sinned, 
There is a line, a line hovering close to neither of the two,
But somewhere between the edges of the two extremes. 
Here I stand, unscathed and untouched by either. 
Yet this middle ground is a greater quandary, 
For there is nothing more befuddling than an indecisive soul.