Saturday, February 4, 2017

Beachy Days and Moonlit Nights.

Back after yet another beach side break and with more stories and memories to fill up the blog! :)

But before that, let me pick up where I left.
Snorkelling was more of a learning experience and we did get to see corals and fishes but learning the underwater breathing technique was itself quite a task! After this, we went on a ‘glass bottom’ boat ride so that Ma could also see the fish and corals without having to actually go underwater.

Post Elephant Island, we returned to Symphony Palms for an afternoon siesta and then headed to Radhanagar Beach. MaPa spent some time walking by the shoreline while Di was my swimming coach until we both started feeling a little prickly (probably something crabby creeping up our legs). We watched the sunset by Radhanagar beach and then headed back to our resort for an early dinner and some night time beach watching under the light of the golden moon.

The next morning on 14th January, PaDiMe rose early and headed towards SeaLink Adventures with excitement and tingling nervousness. Yes, we were off to our little underwater expedition. Pa decided that it would be best if he avoided the ordeal given his sore throat so it was just Di and Me who donned the scuba swimwear. We headed towards the water and waited until both of us had individual instructors. We were given hand signals to show in case of any discomfort/emergency so that they could act accordingly. Being thoroughly trained in the technique, they knew exactly how we felt and eased our tension.

Instructor: So we have the oxygen tank which is going to supply the air through the pipe into your mouth.

Me: What if the tank runs out of oxygen?
Instructor: That isn’t going to happen, the tank contains enough oxygen for 3 rounds of scuba diving and we have a meter that shows us the level of oxygen in the tank.

Me: So am I the first person to get this tank or the last?!

Instructor: Haha no, you’re the 2nd one so you’ll have plenty of air to breathe.

As we descended further and further deep into the sea, I saw the blues come alive, to be teeming with life in every nook and corner. Squiggly jelly fish like creatures, school of fish swimming so endearingly close yet slinking out of my reach, and the ocean floor studded with multi-coloured and patterned corals. It was an alternate universe underwater, thriving by itself and somehow undisturbed by the events occurring above its surface. We remained underground for about 30 minutes, clicked a few pictures with Di (who was holding up remarkably well) and then returned back to mainland.

After this out of the world experience, we had to rush back and get ready in a jiffy because the Makkruzz to Neill Island was scheduled to depart by 10 am. After a short cruise, we landed at Neill island, which, true to its name was the in several beautiful shades of Neeli and had most of us stop in our tracks with our luggage trailing behind us just to admire the pristine undisturbed beauty of nature.

We were to stay at Hotel Pearl Park which was very strategically located with beaches on two sides of its triangular property. After a quick check-in we headed to Bharatpur beach which had a fair amount of tourists but it had still retained its beauty. After a sumptuous lunch, we went to have a glimpse of the natural bridge formation which gets submerged every day at the time of high tide and then to Lakshmanpur beach for a view of the sunset.

The next day, i.e 15th January, we took the Makkruzz back to Port Blair and headed to Chidiya Tapu for a good trek to the southernmost tip of the Andaman Island. After some shopping, it was time to head back to North Reef.

The last day, 16th January, again included a very informative and (personally, I found it interesting) visit to Chatham Saw Mill and even a random Gandhi Park (because, Divya). Post an early lunch, we bid adieu to this beautiful archipelago with fond memories and thrilling experiences to last a lifetime.