Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some Anhedonia Please

Hunger, hormones and hummings of the mind probably keeping me awake in no specific order of importance.

I honestly love the vibe of Bangalore. Everytime I go back, it fills me with this zest and passion for life. To never give up, to keep trying to better myself and to aspire higher. It just gets so much harder to hold on to all that once you begin to face the sordid reality here.

I wish that 'feeling' would never dim within me. Its almost like going to Bengaluru is recharging my batteries. 

MaPaDi are the same as always. I do wish I could be spending these years with them. We would go walking everyday, I might have atleast learnt some cooking, Di and I could study together; she'd teach me photosynthesis and I would tell her all about how her body works maybe. I could have played Baddie with Pa, fought with him regularly over my Bindi, make some punny jokes too. We would have gone out over the weekends, meet Atthe Mama Nidhi more often and I could bully Ajji to walk more. Maybe it would have been nice. I'd never know. :)

Yeah, so I'd been to Bangalore over the past week for my cousin's wedding and I can't believe how busy life gets when I'm there. I mean that is there here as well, but somehow its not the same thing.

I miss the unpredictable rains of Bangalore, the chaotic traffic, the calls of 'Soppu' early in the morning, the scent of Amma's Chitranna wafting across the room, the familiar sight of Appa reading the newspaper while Amma grumbles that she does all the work, causing him to fold up the paper and pretend to rush to office. I miss how messy our house is to any outsider but to me, it feels just fine; in fact quite comfortable. I miss the tree lined neighborhoods with all the gossipy fat aunties, the park near my house where I made many a friends and tried climbing those Bs and Cs. I miss Divya and her antics, putting her to sleep narrating those stories that always begin 'Ond Hudgi Idlanthe.. Hesarenu gotta?' And sometimes end with me talking things in my subconsious until Di complains that I'm not making any sense or sometimes it ends with both of us drifting off to dreamland with an unfinished story of a little girl with a big sister..

I don't say this often but it was a really nice wedding especially since the bride and groom had overcome obstacles in their respective lives and were now ready for a new chapter.

When Junior gets all dressed up and is ready for a picture. :D

So Nidhi Di and I met up at Brik Oven for a late Lunch in the past week and I must say it is worth that twenty minute wait just to get into this rather small pizzeria that also serves the most almighty Nutella Freak Shakes!! The pizzas pretty much melt in your mouth leaving you craving from more. This just makes me wonder, how heavenly would Pizza taste in Naples, the Pizza Capital of the World? (YES, I have a thing for capitalization.) Pretty awkward that my younger sister treats me on getting into an amazing job at Ernst and Young while I'm an unemployed student but I guess that's how it is, for now.

MaPaDi had a walk at Emmen Park and then headed to our fav eatery, Pai Viceroy before Pa dropped me off at the station amidst another downpour.

As we waited for the 11pm Talguppa Express, I asked Pa about his time at NITK, did he travel home often, did his dad also pick him up at the station just like he always does for me and so on. I realized there are so many stories that I want to know about Amma and Appa. Like the time he played a cat in a school play or the time Amma nearly got caught plucking fruits from the neighborhood, or their times in college, their friends and so on. I mean there's so much I don't know..

My old friends, Cough and Cold are back in town and since I'm always the gracious host, I seem to have given them shelter but notice has been served and they shall be duely evicted.

Surgery postings came to an end after a joint effort of sorts end posting test. We 'presented' the findings of an ulcer case to Aarthi ma'am and that was about it.
Currently posted in Paediatrics for the next month and this would be our final posting. Hence, I've got to start reading soon (also because Sir knows my name. Thus making me a potential target for bombardment with question missiles that cannot be dodged by avoiding eye contact or skillful scribbling into the notebook).

I've probably regained my status as a pizza addict. Be it good old Domi Doesn't Know, Brik Oven or even a localite who can make pizas for brunch;

I think food is my Achilles heel. -_- 

This reminds me, I NEED to restart jogging and exercise. Especially with the Delhi trip coming up. XD

Anyhoo that book of which I am also a part has finally released and I urge you all to get a copy  ( at a discount). The proceeds from the book will go to an NGO so its for a good cause as well. 

Good things will eventually happen. Patience never goes unrewarded. Until then, remember everything that you truly believe in.

So that's all for now folks!
There may be more but to be honest.. maybe this is all that matters. L