Monday, May 8, 2017

C'Est La vie

Hey There (imaginary delilahs)

It’s been a while and I’m back with some illogical philosophies. But before I get down to that, here’s the usual update:
  • Done with Oh Bhi Jee internals
So we had two papers of 3 hour duration each on the same day with an hour in between to feed our hungry souls and rest those aching hands. Nevertheless, I’m glad I’m done with it (atleast for now).
  • Dilli Calling
Many years ago one foolish girl kept this college as one of the options while writing the NEET exams. Come this June, a big contingent will be heading to LHMC for their medical conference.
  • Baarish
Rainy days are here again and no better place to enjoy monsoon than Malnad, the lap of nature. :)
  • Movies:
  1. Baahubali 2 (In Appa’s words, ‘bundle’:P )
  2. Beauty And The Beast (Ah, Emma! )

On an unrelated note, there’s probably so much to myself that I’m discovering. My own likes, dislikes, desires and dreams. With age, you discover different facets to your personality. You begin to see some of the pieces of your own jigsaw ‘Unpuzzle’ itself.

 I’ve also been riddled with a doubt that most would dismiss as the heights of overthinking but I’d still like to get some answers which have so far been unsatisfactory..

Perhaps it is a very primitive thought but I’d like to know atleast now, after 22 years of existence! Does one generally react and then analyse the reason for their action or is it the other way round?

Say you are harbouring feelings of anger/jealousy/pity/love for a person and your behaviour towards that person is according to this. My doubt would be that which comes first? Are we all aware of the reason behind our behaviour or does it flash to us later as an epiphany? Would it be strange if I said that sometimes we are ignorant of our own feelings but we react instinctively? And when you put it all together you have a ‘Eureka’ moment?

Another recent thought that has been niggling at the back of my mind is how much of our beliefs are our own and how much of it has been handed down to us based on our upbringing? Do we have a rational explanation for our beliefs and choices or does it all boil down to ‘This is what I was told at home?’. It makes sense if one can justify these beliefs by their own conscious decisions but it is necessary to consider this. Else, we would just be blind followers with no basis. It may have got to do with the smallest of lifestyle practices to bigger life-altering choices, but my point is, it is important to ask ourselves these vital questions.

Chalo then people, If I have succeeded in making you ponder for a few moments, then I am glad for blogging this randomness. :)

When MaPa come visiting and we have the most amazing time :)
Because I find sleeping bovine animals cute.