Monday, April 24, 2017

Quirky and Quizzically yours...

Medicine Postings (it seemed)

The days passed in a flurry of case taking, OPD day and the occasional days where we didn’t do much and D-day arrived. End posti00ng is the trauma that we are subjected to at the end of every posting.

 Now you don’t have to call it trauma but in this particular instance, it would be safe to say that it was a case of ‘self-inflicted trauma’. Roll Numbers 33, 34 and 35 were allotted a case of anemia due to blood loss and after some lengthy discussion and ultimately choosing the ‘right’ (wrong?!) finger, the 3 of us presented our case to Indumathi Maám(!). Let it be known that I have not only established my masochistic tendency but also my seemingly sadistic personality by taking the hardest route out of End Postings. But in my defence, I had assumed that since the case had been presented to her before by our classmate, we would be able to manage it without much difficulty. Added to that was my Delusion (of Reference?!) that she probably favoured us and would therefore not be the hard task master that she always is.

As it happened, we were ‘fried/baked/boiled/roasted’ and served on a platter over the basics of Jugular Venous Pulse. Starting with the wave form to the explanation behind each wave to the reflexes associated to its significance…

Suffice to say that two of us (BV and I) returned to her the next day with the relevant answers and once again we received a volley of questions (Pulsus Bisferiens?! Pulse in Aortic Stenosis?!); which we couldn’t really deflect but it finally brought us to the end of the GM postings for this term.

I’m currently in Surgery Postings where things are a bit lowkey. However we did see a case of hernia and also a fibroadenoma along with its surgery by none other than Dr Arathi maám. We’ve got series of internals coming up in the next month so gear up for caffeine intoxicated late night posts about life, love, lungs, liver and maybe some laughter. (HOPEFULLY THAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN)

Next up would be the special mention of Simbiosis 2K17.

Govi and I were a team and without much preparation (and some serious tummy troubles), I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try our luck. The Prelims were tougher than we expected and we didn’t have high hopes but given how there weren’t too many teams, it would have been a shame if we hadn’t qualified. We recollected most of the questions (something I almost Never do!) and after some tense moments of waiting, panicking and regretting, I got the much awaited call from an unknown number.

The final; to be brief, was interesting and lead to a tie between the two teams from our college. After two failed attempts at breaking the tie, the other team (Ft. Harikrishna and Giri anna) were the winners based on their prelim scores.

Nevertheless, it was a good moment, reminiscent of the past and gave hope for more such possibilities.

Surgery postings in the past week was mostly spend in Nog’s chamber apart from the one day where we’d been to the OT and we got to see an Umbilical Hernia and a case of Indirect Inguinal Hernia (which was later found to be a sliding hernia) being operated upon by (my fav) Arathi maám, Suresh Sir (quite the contrary of how he is in the OPD) and Gopinath Sir.

Post that, I wrecked my brains out over some brainy matters. Yep, Abhi and I were preparing for the State level Psychiatry quiz organized by the Karnataka Chapter of the Indian Psychiatric Society and it turned out to be quite interesting. Especially when we attributed each personality disorder with different people around us* (some were a complete match while some only exhibited a few traits, but nevertheless, it was good fun reading on some of the crazy stuff  (some of it did come in the final quiz and we were inappropriately excited upon being asked about a culture specific sexual delusional disorder :’) )

We travelled to C’durga via Govt bus after a bumpy journey filled with creepy men at whom I threw angry murderous looks because they dared to stare at my dozing dosth and all other annoying patterns of the Y chromosome. After my mostfavouritebutneverevermadeinthemess breakfast of Pongii and some last minute ‘revision’, the program began and Abhi and I gazed at the CUTESTPERSONONTHEWHOLEOFPLANETEARTH to our heart’s content. The prelims were designed to eliminate people by paucity of time but we tried our best to keep up with the speed of the questionnaire. There were a lot of familiar questions just as there were many which we had no inkling of. After a long wait, (filled only partially by food and mostly by tension, some hope and basic panic), the results were announced and we had made it in the 4th position.

The finals began with BMC, AIMS, SDM, SIMS, JSS and MVJ as the finalists. We had four rounds and the first round was about the sub specialities of Psychiatry while the second one was about Clinical Scenarios conducted by the Prof from BMC. The third round was conducted by a PG from JSS and it was basically an audio visual buzzer round about famous movies, books and personalities associated with mental illness.

We managed to further our lead to a very safe position in this round which was a good idea because the next round was the dreaded rapid fire. So after facing the heat of rapid fire, we remained unscathed and managed to win the first place. :)

It was indeed a great moment and I’m so glad we did this. Somehow, sometimes, things fall in place when you least expect it. Nevertheless, after 3 years of attending quizzes, conferences and MUNs like an enthu cutlet, it felt really good to not come back empty handed. It also kindasortamebi felt good to hear words of appreciation and encouragement from frinz and famili.

The next round would be the South Zonal level but that’s going to be much later.

Anyway, for now, I’ve got to think about what to do with my newly acquired wealth. B) The next month is going to be brutal with OBG internal, Surgery internal, Cousin’s wedding and yet another GM internal all in a span of 3 weeks.

Let’s hope I find my zen in the library and get through this maddening month.

Cheers! <3 ~All thanks to my cord lending friend Accamma:)