Monday, April 10, 2017


As old as the Sun was their tale
Kindgoms may come and go
Yet She knew that He would never fail,
And the Skies kept their word through high and low.

With bated breath, she held her own,
Through the months of dry famine and drought.
She anticipated His return to the throne,
Come Spring and He would steal the show.

The scent of the rains preluded the entry,
As He graced the barren soil,
The birds sang in unison as His gentry.
To celebrate that He had remained loyal.

Year after year, He retuned to Her,
Not long was their union but no matter,
For it gave courage to bear summers strong,
And cherish the youth in Her, every spring.

//when you're at a vantage point in the library watching the golden sunset and envisioning a summer shower.