Sunday, April 16, 2017

Mimosa Pudica #2

^And how everything has changed but it all still feels the same. Old post with the same Caption under very different circumstances. Or are they all the same?!

Sunday nights are potential blog nights, so let’s get to work! :)

Yes, it's been while and I'd like to inform Whomsoever Concerned that I'm currently in Surgery postings after about 6 weeks in General Medicine Postings.

To give you a brief update about Medicine Postings, it began fairly well with a lot of patients in the initial half because the MCI Inspection was round the corner so you could say our hospital was filled to the brim. We saw quite a few of the usual cases of COPD, TB, ALD, DM, HTN and IHD. We also happened to see some psychiatric patients during these postings and even patients who had psychiatric illness apart from the original reason for their admission.

Over the few weeks, lndumathi Ma'am  was 'feared’ among the student population primarily for her disparaging remarks and comparison with Govt medical colleges but she also taught us a lot of things; or rather told us how much more we would need to be reading to catch up with our counterparts.

We also had a new Prof, lrrfan Sir who again expected much more from us This involved me having to auscultate In a patient with RHD for any possible murmur but I  couldn’t seem to elicit anything and later it turned out that there wasn’t any murmur as such but an Ejection Click’ was heard. Nevertheless it was an experience to remember. :)

When I asked Text Fairy to decode the next part of my blog. -_-

To be continued when I find out how to connect my laptop to my phone without WiFi, BlueTooth and when all the USB cords around you seem to fail.

If you're wondering how I typed all this, I took photos of the Word Document, installed Text Fairy, an OCR app to read text in images but it decided to work only for the first image so it's going to be a while before I explain what happens in Medicine End Posting and how Surgery has been going so far.

I have 62625282 things running on my mind, but honestly, the ones that really matter don't demand attention. :')

I'll leave you with this poem that I wrote for the Poetry competition of Simbiosis 2k17 that managed to find itself in second place.

Topic: Dream (This brought back memories of a poem I'd written a year or two ago. I had been looking through some of the past poems for some inspiration prior to the event but I obviously couldn't write along those lines, especially when re-reading them made me feel incredulous about the shit I wrote back then. :')

There are dreams every night,
Dreams that promised of a better tomorrow,
Visions of success flooded my sight,
Joyous was I that I would vanquish all sorrow.

With stars in our eyes, we arrived;
Myriad backgrounds united by a common dream,
Through thick and thin, we strived,
The sweet taste of victory was not far it would seem.

Roadbumps did not hamper our stride,
For years, the midnight oil burnt aglow,
To serve and heal, it would be our pride,
The seeds of good health, we aimed to sow.

Reality gently nudged me awake,
Society and politics threatened to be my brake,
But never a moment shall I rue,
For this dream is coming true!

The eyes had all the answers,
But alas, the language was another.