Thursday, March 18, 2010


I can't think of anything else...I rarely use cuss words but now My mind is FULL of them..
So many things to do and So little time..heard it somewhere...

Right I forgot to tell u  that I saw MNIK.. I liked SRK for once (an perhaphs the last time..)
Then wot else? Going Insane..Several reasons..Need to look up a cure 4 Infant Withdrawl Symptoms..

Why isn't Dad here when I need him the most???Baroda..Dammit no connection 2..Sent a mail..Doubt he'll check it..Ajji-swap-Vidya-swap-Lavanya-swap-U..How many more???

I should stop reading Harry Potter for the 100th time!!!Killing my conscience...

How much more should I endure???There is a limit..Too many opinions..Just leave me alone..I don wanna take sides...