Tuesday, March 30, 2010

K...I'll Chill.. But maths is on thursday ...

                                                 Where are those days????

Seriously crappy mood...Thanks again but Implementation ain't gonna b easy!!Am I addicted 2 self photography??Dunno...I'll put some of em up here....Happy to see Samaneh's blog...I am crazy (Known fact..)

Be back soon..or not....I wonder If people r reading ma blog..:) *wink*( No vidha3, Not @ Syko!!) 

Yeah So back again...It was raining and Biddi had a gala time(First experience of rain!).Todsee oni 12 were present n that includes DA and SS and others..TS was absent an so was MLK(after all I'm talking about the Zealous Skolar).Codenames totally Rock!! Privacy Guaranteed..
Um..weekend was Sad...I SO badly wanted to go to Sapna(da new huge 1) and I thought lemme study a few things and then go..So I kinda worked (Who am I kiddin? Real Work) ovur da weekend.And trust me to have unachievable expectations..So yeah the whole thingy went 'Kaput'.And Dad was upset "too" coz he offered that he'll take me there even if I'm not done with my studying but I blandly refused only to repent later..Course we went PV for Dinner (But I din have my "Vanilla wid Hot Chocolate Sauce and Nuts" [Hey but Ma got me one yesterday { Bet Dad isn't aware ov it}])..Yeah and Dinner had it's obvious Weekend Side Effects ( The Usual and Stressful).

Ts has a prog tommy.Wonder how she's gonna manage it..But after all she'll pull off a fast one since she's Brainy( Unlike me who has to swot for HOURS to understand Panini's innumerable and Ununderstandable rules of SANSKRIT...It's true..I spend most ov my time on this subject..)
K I've gotto quit comparisons..I am what I am and Like People tell me, I should "Never compare Myself to anyone; rather Introspect" .

Is what I'm thinking really happening? I should wait and watch.Interesting though.I'm refering to 2 things .Both are mentioned in this post..

So Thursday's Maths.This is part of my plan to Stay Calm.I hope blogging makes things clearer to me.I want to do well this time.I'm not aiming at beating anyone, just wanna improve myself which has always bin ma target.(Doesn't mean I've always achieved it).So All I pray is that Lemme get how much I deserve.If My preps are good,I hope I get good marks and If they're not: Well..Erm...Wotevur..

Today was good fun..Why am I the target of all jokes? Oh well, I spose I ask for it with all my crazy talk..I like it though! Like Pa says, A good sport can take a joke bout themselves...Easy for you to say Dad with all those Election Jokes And Winks and Hearing Problems.. ..

When I say where are those days..I mean the Obvious. I love seeing all those Kodai fotos..Though I have bin told the ever-Irritating dialogue of " Life is not Kodaikanal" several times. Blogging kinda helps to understand myself better I guess..Yeah I'm da type to prefer a job as tour guide to a Desk one..But that's me! and I like being myself.So what if everyone has the same opinion(Humph! copycats.) I stand out and I like dat..

Hols I wanna join some camp and I have C ma'm's insistence to support me.HEY!! I saw JB a few days ago...N I did'nt say anything...I can't believe I'm the same girl who wrote "SHIT I missed JB!!!!" in her diary about a year and a half ago..Things change. I guess I've grown up.I have a feeling JB 'z younger by a year( EEP!! that's embarrassment!! Pinki told me- 'lo? who can believe her though)
Yeah I'm still surprised about the JB. Once upon a time I was like crazy to get a glimpse.Now I just walk past without as much as a glance at the Red Faced Red Tee friend of .....whom Pinki treats like a Bro. OMG! I wrote a letter to Pinki once and she was all about Jb searching an all such foolish Imaginations....

Yeah that's what it is..Me and my foolish Imaginations. That'll never come true. That'll RND as dreams. As unfulfilled desires .That I have given up for the sake of someone else's happiness.They'll remain in my heart and in my diary ( which still exists Folks!- Na I din Chuck it like what 3 people think)

IPL is on and I haven't seen one ONE  match completely .N mah totally understanding friends accuse me of Nerdiness.Thanks , Thanks a Lot.And Dad telling me to Chill and .........

I wish I could understand the meaning of the lovely songs I'm listening to..(What a shame! I never really understood Hindi).But Some songs ...I do know..and will never forget~(PNM and YIH!!!!!:)..Foreva!!)

And now feeling kinda sleepy..Shall I do some Math?? Or some Bio...No I'll Blog a bit more!

Some people were my friends and they'll foreva remain in my memory...
  • Archana : My first friend. A year older. With a bro called (Oh well I'd rather not    mention it!). Cute girl. Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Now nothin else.                                    ~Will not forget the lazy afternoons~
  • Navyashree: BSK 2nd Stage. Year Older. Has a sister:Komal or Sumal.Kumarans.Nice girl.                                                                                                                 ~Will forget neither the prank calls nor the foolish clubs or that lovely pic~
  • Rachana( Karate) : Ballur Venkobra Rachana. Nice Ikon. Year Older. Sudarshan Vidya Mandir.Has  a bro. Kind and forgiving.                                                                     ~ Will not forget my rudeness or the Lalbagh trip.~
Yeah So Mah time's up and it' s fair enough...
Dunno when I'll be back.
Say 8th April?