Saturday, March 13, 2010

A lesson for life..

Ok!! first I should get outta fb...Second I'll not do wot I did yesterday...Never again...

3rd and MOST important...Chandana ma'm taught me a great lesson today:To Love. With and Open Mind. Just Love.

I have to record it..S o ma'm first asked me to do what she says and asked me tell her what was in my heart..
Initially I felt strange and shy but it was for long...I was telling her what it was about and how I felt..She understood and I knew I from fer unwandering eyes.Yes I am lucky I have people who love my unconditionally .Who accept me the way I am. But ...

Right , so we spoke for more than half and hour .Mam shared her own problem which I cannot share.Rite so we've got a problem and I should accept it and live with it.Love people with all their faults..They never asked for it.Look at the brighter side. Help them come out of it.Don't make them feel guilty, and just love them .
Don't use your brain too much..Use your heart and don't be judgemental.She's giving her hand forward, accept it.Don't cut yourself away from them.Spend time with everybody.Years later you will look back and be happy.Don't kill your emotions.Your sister looks upto you.

Mam thank you very much..I mean IT.I'll try my best to improve as a person..

I feel a LOT better..Dear Heart: Start working!! It's bin a long time since you did more than beating!!

Ok here's a poem about myself..I know it's madness!!

Composed at 8.30 on a busy day....
K gtg!!!