Sunday, October 9, 2011

Of Squandered holidays and Sleepy classes

If you juxtapose all my holidays so far and what I've done during them, this is, by far, the laziest.
My life was a tumultuous roller-coaster ride during the holidays. The reason being the seemingly innocuous arrival of a canine. But the presence of 2 hyperactives under the same household can prove onerous for my mom, as it is beginning to show. Activities of the dog have to be done surreptitiously; yes, its a clandestine affair, for if my sibling sees the poor creature (which is equally belligerent with my sister alone), then all hell will break lose and peace will become a thing of the past for nearly an hour.. Taking my sister into the general public is like you're willingly commiting a gaffe. Yes, she's precocious but equally contentious.

Moving on, I spent a few hours glued to my Laptop, trying to do something productive above all the cacophony. I remotely succeeded. I managed to procur a Library Membership Card after a long wait. I suppose it was my tenacity that prevented me from leaving the place out of frustration.

A few days were spent at my Gran's place and the usually placid household became a chaotic mess. So we left to alleviate the burden on our hosts. Haha.

And then college began. The first day was bad. I sat like a vegetable. And slept in the bus! And after coming home and freshening up, I was back in bed!

btw, I started Wodehouse. :)