Monday, October 3, 2011

What Happened?

I was creative.
I was smart (*Past Perfect*).
I used to indulge in several extracurricular activities.
I had good memory power.
I was focussed.

What happened?
No point shirking away from reality. Reality Bites. The truth is, somewhere along the way, I just lost it all. Or maybe its tucked away in some corner of my brain. Dormant?

I think I have RPIOD. Well, its a disorder created by me and probably I'm the sole living entity plagued by this. So no need to expand the Acronym. :)

The other day, I realized how we take things for granted. My friends and I met at the park near my house and as we sat chatting about life in our respective colleges, an old man, seemingly ordinary, so ordinary you wouldn't give a second look at him, came and sat nearby. We remained engrossed in our gupshup and only when we paused for a moment to catch our breath did the man introduce himself.
He happened to be a trainer of various sports, including throwball, volleyball, basketball etc. Apparently he was one of the first to win the Arjuna Award and he showed us his card which contained a photograph of him receiving an award from Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Later we realized he was the grandfather of our ex-classmate, Mrudula V.

What amazed me was how, we (ok, I) judge people based on appearance. Something I should stop immediately.

I may get (May May!) a JustBooks Membership Today. :) Speaking of today, I did nothing productive. Do you call watching the video of a student selected for Huntsman Program productive? That is, her endorsment of a certain Counselling Agency? O.o