Sunday, October 9, 2011


Dad had forgotten to get the birds back from the terrace and after I reminded him, we rushed upstairs and got drenched in the torrential downpour. We covered the birds with a blanket and brought them downstairs.The cage looked damp and the birds were huddled in a corner (visibly shaken after surviving a thunderstorm (of sorts)) Before I went downstairs, I took a last look at the overcast sky; it looked fascinating.

The sky was a an amalgam of purple, red and orange embellished with the white streaks of lightning. After this, I went back and buried my nose in Wodehouse, but I wasn't engrossed anymore (My sincere apologies to Mr.PGW). A strange thought was forming in my head.

Something about the atmosphere outside intrigued me. I've never felt such a strong urge. I simply had to yield to it. So I grabbed a towel, opened the door noiselessly and crept out stealthily to avoid being spotted by my sister. The rusty latches creaked and groaned despite my futile attempts to keep it a clandestine affair.

Although the velocity of the rainfall had reduced,it was pouring nevertheless. As I stood there, shivering, I felt a flurry of emotions: Happiness, fear, confusion, ecstasy, trepidation. For some unexplainable reason, as much as I wanted to stay, I felt an equally strong desire to return to the cozy confines of my

Flashes of lightning gave the surroundings an unearthly brightness. Thunder accompanied lightning with equal force and vigor. There was a chill in the air. I could see construction workers of a nearby building watching the rain with relief. For them, It signaled the end of day's work. The glittering lights of some mall or shopping arcade gleamed from the distance.

I clutched the towel tightly and ventured out to face the sky only to retreat within seconds to the safety of the sheltered roof. I spent a few more minutes ruminating on what was it that attracted me. I've always wanted to embrace the rain with open arms but something holds me back. It's either the thought of being rebuked by my mom or catching a cold that will eventually result in the result of the family sniffing and sneezing. But today, I didn't care two hoots. There was no looking back.
It was the call of the wild. The call of my spirit.

Reader(s) please note:

Yes, I can get frightfully philosophical at times. :)

The above post was first written and then typed. You could acknowledge my painstaking effort by commenting xD

And NO, this is not the story. That is a masterpiece and hence, Patience.