Saturday, February 4, 2012

.... My SAT Essay.

I believe, and with conviction, that one can achieve more when they work in their way. 'To each his own' is a popular adage and I strongly adhere to the same. Every human has innate talents and unique capabilities coupled with an ingenious way to learn, to work and succeed. There is no 'The method' or fixed path to success.

Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists the world will ever know, worked in what purists may term a 'haphazard and unprofessional' manner. Yet, this man has delved into the depths of science and uncovered its mysteries, much more than any other individual. Einstein was a simple, absent-minded man with a quirky thought process, which made him what he is. He didn't exactly go by the rule book, he didn't stick to the norm, and that I aver, made all the difference to the world.

In the Hindi movie, Taare Zameen Par, the protagonist, who suffers from dyslexia is ostracized from his schoolmates due to his inability to perceive, grasp and learn from his surroundings. He did not do well in the conventional education system. Later, under the guidance of a caring teacher, he regains his confidence and is shown to become a successful artist.

History is rife with examples of scientists who made epoch-making discoveries but did not take the conventional path, but did things their own way. These were the rule breakers, the change makers. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are fine examples of people who did things in their own arcane way and made a mark.

There is no definite route to achieve our goals. I realized this when I went trekking in the hills of South India. Our guide, a trained trekker, apprised us on the modus operandi of trekking and rock climbing. Despite his guidance and assistance from my father, I found the climb steep and unconquerable. The guide even dictated where I should place my foot to balance myself. I stopped for a moment and thought, "Surely,I know how to balance myself! I just have to listen to myself". And then, I began with renewed vigour, and succeeded. I scaled the heights of the hill with ease; all because I know where my footing is. No one knows better than that!