Saturday, February 4, 2012

Those were the days.

Ah! I'm feeling unnaturally elated. No particular reason. So Pre-Boards over. Today we had bio. Hmm.

You know, it's been pretty long since I blogged normally. In the sense, something other than some story or a list of what books I'm currently reading. It's back to the old days :)

Of late, everything in life has become a routine. This is how my day goes:
  • Get up (usually between 6:00 and 6:45) and scramble around
  • Gobble something and rush to the stop. Only to realize I'm early (This ALWAYS happens. I've missed the bus only once. I had to hitch an auto ride.. And another day I saw the bus and I R.A.N (Me running is a sight by itself and no words can explain the ludicrous phenomenon))
  • Sit in the bus. Go to college. Prayer and everything else (Oh that reminds me: I won't be speaking this year after all. :P)
  • Class. Now seating arrangement is indeed a very big deal and anybody in the first 2 benches will concur. Varsha, Raji and I have affinity particular positions during the Ravis' classes. So we often sit in various combinations depending on the period.
  • Lunch. EAT. TALK. LAUGH.
  • 2 more classes.
  • Sit in the bus. Go home.
  • ~Time Flies~ and I either do an all-nighter after getting high on coffee or hit the sack early to make up for some lost sleep.
I love Music. For the past week or so, I've had an inexplicable urge to sing. Yes, Ms.Froggy Voice wants to sing! 
The truth is, Carnatic music has always been a part of my life. For about a decade, I used to sing regularly. Love it or loathe it, it was a part of my life. The raagas, the Shruthi, the Bhaavageethes were all a part of my life. An important part of music is to feel what you're singing. It's not just getting the lyrics and the tune right. It's also about singing from you're heart; reflecting the true feelings of the poet. And for that, one should involve deeper into the song, beyond mere lyrics, into something more soulful; more divine. 

But the truth is, I rarely felt such insights. They were there; but rare. I mostly didn't mind singing. I liked Bhaavageethes better than devotional ones. But today, I know I'm missing something. I WANT to restart my music classes!! 
Also Carnatic music is anyday better for me than Linkin Park or Eminem. I don't know why though; it's like a part of my DNA.

Coming home early reminds me of Summers of the past. When I was in elementary grades, Carmel used to give us these big timetables with the timetables printed on the back. I used to fret over that and Ma used to make me study (LOL! ONLY in 1st and 2nd!). Exams were 'half day' so I'd come home and read a book or bug Chitti (Chitti's this lady who worked in our house for several years). During those years, I had a curious fascination for mixing random stuff. I vividly remember emptying a gems container, putting a few leaves, some ink, some left over medicine and any other liquid I could get my hands on; all just to see the colour of the mixture in the end!

And Summer camps! In 3rd grade I went to one at Suchitra Film Society and that was pretty good. I heard the song 'One Love' for the first time back then. (The second was when Sonika and I were listening to songs on her Ipod!) :)

But otherwise, I never really attended summer camps. Reason being Ma conducted camps every year and I had great fun helping around! Usually after the art and craft session we reserved the last hour or so for games like Housie, some magnetic fishing game, singing sessions and what not! 

Also Summer meant getting the cycles out, going all the way to Ram-Mandira to get some air into the wheels and then zooming around on the streets on a cycle way to small for me. After I got a bigger one, I had problems maneuvering the big thing, but I loved it nevertheless..

Summer meant making random new friends on a new street, getting random people home (and convincing Amma that they were my friends), bugging Pinki, falling down after being chased by villainous dogs, making our own Shiva temple out of mud and flowers, making clubs like FON and magazines like Sparkle, looking for a blushing JB (HAHAHAHA), jumping terraces while playing hide-n-seek, having parties in the park with Betty and Noni (my dolls), endless cups of ice-cream, swinging higher and higher on a swing until I realized it was to good to be true....