Sunday, April 7, 2013

#just setting up my twtr

^ That's an epic tweet by Jack Dorsey. (March 21 '06)

I'm confounded why I set up my twitter account years ago under a different name. An interesting, different name. 

All Twilight Haters, Head here!
Sample This:

The Awesomest place to get a good laugh. #GoshStephanieMeyer.
<3 This Site. It really makes The Twilight series readable.

As a Joke Book.  -.-

Ha, so anyway, on 5th April I went to this place.
I don't know how much of it I can share here.

So it was really good. Mainly because there were so many people all sailing in the same boat. It was good to see that many families turned up. True, I was the youngest but here, age didn't matter. We were united by a common thread. A common challenge that we deal with as a part of our lives. A 'support group' like this can really make a difference. Because, for the most part, we don't share this with the world. To know that somewhere, somebody else is also dealing with the same issues can make you more optimistic.

The so called 'circle' because much smaller in our cases. To such an extent that social interactions reduce drastically. Papa didn't come. Mama couldn't make it. Yet, I didn't feel lonely. I felt at home.

What these social workers are doing is also commendable. Most of them joined the profession because of their experiences and today they believe they too have improved as individuals.

So we all spoke about our experiences, asked questions from the doctors present and we even had a quiz and a game. I KNOW, I ended up spending longer than I had intended to, but it made me feel better.

Like Papa said, most of them had 'lost' several years of their life in this process. They made sacrifices, gave up opportunities, reduced social interactions and had a lower quality of life. All in the hope for an individual.

And in that respect,I can't question Papa's decision but commend him for the last 20 years.