Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Right To Blog Randomly (RTBR, 2013)


Feeling happy today, so I thought I'll blog a bit and spend the night productively.

What is the single most unfair advantage one can have?
Needing less sleep.

Why did the other team even bother to play? The pointlessness of playing against the team with Gayle.
I've been watching cricket lately. I wonder if I've genuinely developed an interest or it serves as a convenient distraction O.o

I've been watching TV otherwise too. But if I steer clear of the big bad box during the first half of the day, the day goes well. After all, it's no sin to watch Sheldon Cooper. 
PS: Don't you think Leonard Hoffstader bears an uncanny resemblance to Saif Ali Khan?

I often wonder, why don't I blog the way I used to. It doesn't really make sense to expect that. These are just phases. Who knows, a year or two from now, I might resort to 120 character updates on my blog instead of being active on Twitter *shudders*

So what am I upto these days?

  • Sleeping. (Just can't get enough)
  • Hogging. (On all things remotely edible)
  • Surreptitiously watching CNN (Don't even ask)
  • Taking papers (CET, COMEDK), analyzing and panicking.
Here's what Biddi's upto these days:

Watering the plants!

Beer-lingamma. Di's BFF?! :)
If only Di could take a leaf out of her cool sister's book. -.-

Being sane in random moments that occur for  minute fractions of a second. 

Yayy! Look at what I found!! :P


(The horrors of my forgotten posts continue to haunt me. Eep)