Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keys. Quidditch. Empire State of Mind. :)

One must often sit and wonder what they want from life.
It can leave you were you started, or more confused than ever or else there's that 'Eureka' moment (according to all famous people) when you find the road map to success in your life.

I spoke to Pri. (Based on the conversation, I assure you that she is still a Hodo. Aww) <3
As usual Medha is loony. (Girl claims to be able to focus after gorging on Burgers. -.- )

I'm watching Cricket these days! Nobody seems more surprised than myself. But honestly, some games seem too exciting to be natural. How legit is IPL really?
^Title: Alicia Keys- Empire State of Mind. (The Song) 
{Alicia Spinnet- Quidditch Player. Incidentally, Keys was born on 25th}

(Kudlets is a funny word.)

Peeved about the Music Scholarship. But I guess it's because I know I don't deserve it.
In the state of 'Disturbia'. -.-