Thursday, April 3, 2014


Every person without sensorineural or conductive deafness and must listen to the above song. :D
I've got a thing for exuberant, vibrant and peppy songs. What else can explain my misplaced addiction to 'Punjabi Wedding Song'?

So last Saturday, Annlee, Saniya and I accomplished the Herculean task of watching the movie 'Yaariyan' which is probably made solely to test the tolerance level of simple minded individuals. If the movie wasn't banned from theatres for undermining the IQ of movie-goers it is solely because the sound track tries to mollify the viewers. The cliches are one too many, logic is extinct and common sense should not be exercised. Nevertheless, we had good fun poking fun at nearly every scene and the badly phrased subtitles only added to the mess.

So we've got this fest coming up in college, a first at Subbaiah and I guess everybody's pretty excited. The entire college will be divided into two teams which will compete for the championship trophy based on the sports and cultural events. I am more excited than I thought I would be and I hope it's going to be an amazing event! The other day, I played Baddie with the seniors (one of them was a State level player!) and I even got to play with a Yonex racket. 

This is probably my last visit until the Finals are done and considering the Physio quiz also in the same week, my visit got extended and I'll end up staying here for nearly a week. 
But Time has a horrible way of deceiving you since Time literally flies when I'm with Di. I'm missing out on a lot of things. Each time I come home, She's different. I only stay long enough to catch up on the differences. I wish I were around to watch her and be a part of her growing up. I don't want to be a mere spectator..

Yesterday was good. I met Pinki after ages and also met Praj near KIMS. The joy of meeting old friends can never be explained. The joy of hogging on Margherita Pizza is equally immeasurable. ;)

Some people will only cause pain and disappointment, because we tend to expect a lot more from them. It's best to stop having any expectations from anybody and stop putting people on a pedestal for their 'goodness'. 

There's just about 2 months left for Final exams of 1 MBBS. It's time to accelerate studies and revise and work hard now because the famous 'last minute' is finally here.

A week or so before second internals, MaPaDiMe had a weekend getaway and we spent time at Sirsi (Marikamba Temple), Sonda (Vadiraja Mutt) and Gokarna (Beach!!).

Sonda is small little village in the Sirsi taluk of Uttara Kannada district situated at a distance of around 450km from Bangalore and 20km from Sirsi. It is mostly known as a pilgrimage center due to the presence of three prominent Mutts: the Swarnavalli Mutt, the Vadiraj Mutt and the Jain Mutt. These attract hundreds of pilgrims mostly through out the year. The green surroundings, typical to the Malnad area of Sonda and Sirsi add to the serenity of these places of religious importance. 

Here's how we celebrated Holi in our hostel :)

Here's how our college looks around 6:30 in the morning; enveloped in mist and fog until the Sun overpowers and clears the sky.

I read about this article in TOI, about one Mr. Mirchandani of USA proposing a plan worth several million $. It involves the simply sensible point of changing the font from TNR to Garamond. Now this seems absurdly insanely simple to be actually true and here's why my suspicion was confirmed:

I intend to go walking/jogging with Dad tomorrow (don't we have a Saree day coming up? :) ) so it would be prudent to catch a few hours of good sleep :D

Everybody should take selfies with their dad. They're like the coolest thing. Ever.