Saturday, April 26, 2014



I mean seriously. Because I'm not sure what I'm going to blog about in the first place.

College is nearly over in terms of portion completion (anatomy will extend into mid May by the looks of it) and internal tension seems to be in the air. Library is practically crowded these days. My seat (where I always sit, rain or shine, exam or no exam, crowded or empty) was actually occupied for a day or two by some early birds but now I'm back in possesion of my seat. I know it makes no difference, but for me, its a comfortable spot where I quickly get into the 'groove'. XD

Basically feeling more forgetful than a frikkin' goldfish these days because I'm probably just reading without effective recalling. Or maybe I'm too tired when I'm reading. Or maybe I'm not concentrating. Whatever it is, I've got to revise more.


Sometimes life presents you with the most unexpected surprises. 24 hours I was wondering why was I so slow in grasping the functions of Thyroid gland. Right now Dad is in Shimoga, we had lunch at Akki Dabbi (Rice Bowl), watched 2 States (on a sudden whim) and I've been chatting nonstop on everything ranging from dissection and upcoming internals to the anchoring and Eunoia. :) There's nothing like spending time with Appa. :D

Recently spoke to a friend after a sort of long time and I felt unnaturally happy about it! We mostly spoke about the approaching exams and the tension in the air but I felt a lot more positive and hopeful after that. 

Once again I'm plagued by thoughts that I'm not focussing enough on things that matter. Barely 50 days left for the finals, the countdown has begun.

Oh and btw. I've got a cartload of fruits and snacks. I can't wait to stay up late and study so that I get to feast on all the amazing stuff! :')