Saturday, May 10, 2014

Hey There.

Things have changed so much, so drastically that it all seems so unreal.

Back in Bangalore post 3rd internals. Will be heading back to hostel over the weekend. 

Di no longer seems like a little kid. She's taller, stronger, sharper than before and now there's a little girl blossoming in the house; one who gets cranky and hyper, but also one who can play quietly and make people laugh with her words of innocence. She plays chess well for a beginner (learnt under Appa's tutelage) and can swim a few basic strokes as well. Doodles, drawings and artworks adorn the household, Pogo is on 24*7 and a mound of toys, trucks, dolls, ducks, building blocks, bubble guns, teddy bears and tigers are stacked at every inch of free space.  On the whole, she's in a different world altogether, Chota Bheem is her hero, summer camps, daycare centres and swimming pools are her world, weekends are at Innovative, Snow City or YemmenKay Park, Ma and Pa run around in circles to make sure she's happy and it's very similar to how things were before Di's time..

Di Posing at the Upkar site.

Bangalore is as heavenly as ever. The weather is out of the world. Unlike most people, I happen to love those cloudy, slightly drizzy days when all you want to do is sit on the terrace and watch the wafting clouds, ponder about life's endless possibilities and enjoy a slow Bollywood track.

Yesterday some of the Subbaiah Bangaloreans (Likki, Nammu, Govi, BP and I) met up in Mantri for a movie 'Million Dollar Arm'. The movie was surprisingly good and we had a nice time and as always we hogged. (3 small pizzas, 1 Medium size pizza, 1 Birizza, Garlic bread, Potato wedges and drinks)

The movie is based on a real life story about sending two Indians to major league baseball teams. Unlike most sports movies, the human aspect dominated over the technical details of baseball. The movie depicts how the opportunity changes all the characters as people and they discover more about themselves in the process. Familiar faces include Jon Hamm (Don Draper of Mad Men fame) and Suraj Sharma (of Life of Pi). 

Coming to Bengaluru is always an unplanned fiasco. This time it was because I didn't want to write the practicals post the theory exams and remaining in the hostel would be a difficult thing to do, hence Nam and I hopped onto the Airavat on Wednesday evening and that explains how I'm here right now.

The evening after Biochem theory, Likki, Kruthi, BP, Sahana, Deepthi, Nammu, Abhi and I went out with the sole goal of HOGGING. And hog, we sure did! Golgappas, Vadapaos, Sandwiches, Masala cokes, Masala Dosas (dipped in oil) and so on! B) Enroute we met HKM and Rakesh and they too joined the Noble Cause that we had embarked on. It was a fun evening (legpulling/ amputation was the agenda for the evening or so it seemed. ;) ) and we reached pretty late by Shimoga standards. (8:30)

Abhi and Me @ Goli

Hostel food exponentially expand one's appetite. I speak from personal experience and I also speak for my fellow nocturnal snackers in the hostel. Midnight maggies and fruitsalads are catching on in Subbaiah and they're a lot of fun as well. The other day we had the most delicious, nutritious and lipsmacking salad that was wolfed down in minutes. 

Mango+ Apple+ Pomo+ Mosambi+ Grapes + Sugar and Spice= AH-MAZING.

Exams are approaching, revision plans are being made, old chapters are being reopened and the library is filled to the brim these days. In the midst of all this, friendships are being strengthened and bonds are being formed. It feels different, surreal and new, but it is a wonderful feeling, I must admit.

Kruthi, Abhi, Ehra and me. :)

Sometimes the things you hear can break you. Sometimes you decide not to care. And that one little decision can make a lot of difference. 

Sometimes you put up with crap, not because you care endlessly about them, but because they're anything but that. So their good and bad is the same to you. It's a feeling of detachment that prevents disappointment.

Sometimes you look back and yearn for the past moments, the way people were before they changed, the way you were before you changed. But then, you've to look ahead and deal with the present. Clinging on to the past is no good. 

Sometimes you've got to remind yourself about the things you want to achieve, the goals you want to reach, the people who need you, the commitments you've got to honor, the places you want to see, the people you want to meet and most of all, the person you want to be. Because, often we tend to get sidetracked.


  • Kabhi Jo Baadal Barse : Now that I actually understand the lyrics, this song has potential to become the next PNM. 
  • Sahib (from Bhoothnath Returns) : One of those songs you will always love listening to.
  • Mast Magan : Not sure if this will last the test of time or if it will become another 'Locha E Ulfat'. But for now, the joy that this song resonates makes it one of my favourites.
  • Baby Doll: Stop getting psyched. I heard it for the first time during the cultural day. Curiousity prompted me to get the entire song a few days ago. The interest is bound to be shortlived, I assure you. It's similar to how a long time ago, I was hooked onto 'Lucky Boy', 'Kambaqt Ishq' and even 'Lat Lag Gayi'.
  • Offo : Peppy, mood-uplifting and the Yeh Ishq Hai of the current times.

Here's something I found on Instagram. But I'm still very ambivalent over it. What d'you think? :P

Cya soon!. <3