Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Feeling helpless and sleepless thanks to a painfully swollen thumb. One cannot fathom how essential a thumb is for the simplest of tasks, such combing one's hair or even brushing one's teeth. Be that as it may, work must go on and I've an avalanche of topics to cover and revise in a shockingly limited number of days.

In the past fortnight, the college was abuzz with activities. Eunoia 2014 was Subbaiah's maiden college fest. We had a sports day (800m 4th, 400m 4th, baddie semis), a cultural day (quiz 2nd) and a college day (co-anchored the formal program).

I feel the desire to have a Nutella-Milkmaid dessert. I've got a strong feeling that it would taste divine.
During the debate. Topic: Should a person know when he is going to die?
Saree day
BP and I; Sports day. (Phoenix!!)